There are rumors suggesting that the upcoming iPad Air will feature a significant camera adjustment.

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It won’t be much longer until the arrival of the sixth-generation iPad Air, and a new detail about the tablet has emerged: it’s rumored to feature a landscape front-facing camera, aligning with the design of the 10th-generation entry-level iPad introduced in 2022.

In essence, the selfie camera will be positioned at the top of the tablet when it’s used in landscape mode, rather than on the side. This information comes from experienced tipster Instant Digital (via MacRumors), and is said to apply to both sizes of the upcoming iPad Air.

This adjustment makes practical sense for video calls, as users can easily look at the top of the tablet when it’s oriented in landscape mode. Moreover, similar changes have been rumored for the next iPad Pros, indicating a standardized front-facing camera placement across all iPad models in the near future.

As noted by MacRumors, implementing this change will require some engineering expertise: unlike the basic iPad, the iPad Air and iPad Pro have an inductive magnetic charger along the same edge for the Apple Pencil. Presumably, Apple has devised a solution to accommodate this feature.



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Sources suggest that official confirmation of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models could arrive as soon as this week. We anticipated this announcement last week, but Apple chose to unveil the new M3-powered MacBook Air instead.

In addition to the repositioned camera, the iPad Air 6 might also be available in a larger 12.9-inch size, alongside the current 10.9-inch option. This would align with the iPad Pro series, offering consumers a choice between two screen sizes.



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