How to make money online reading news and commenting on articles

Make money online in Ghana

In this article will be showing you on how to earn or make money online in Ghana to your mobile money account.And the site am showing here allows you to make money to comment and read on articles and also referring people to the site.

Anyone can benefit from the abundance of options on the internet. Thanks to the internet, you and I may now work from home and earn money. There are several ways to generate money online, and reading articles is one of them.

The majority of people use the internet daily to read the most recent events. They only do this to stay up to date with local news. What if I told you that you could write some amusing articles for money? Yes, we will learn about this in this article.

We’ll examine how to use the CedisRoom revenue platform, an online service, to earn money by reading articles.

The CedisRoom income platform is a method created to benefit CedisRoom Website members and users. As it creates a channel for participants to earn residual income on a weekly basis, an online program is motivated by a goal of solving the financial problems among youth, students, middle class, and whoever else that wishes to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately in Ghana.

CedisRoom offers its users two ways to make money:
1. Cedisroom referral earning

2. Ads revenue

Cedisroom Ad revenue

By reading the news, leaving comments on articles, logging into their CedisRoom accounts every day, and even sharing assigned sponsored posts on social media, participants in the News Cedisroom Ad Revenue Sharing program can increase their residual income. When you make the CedisRoom community your home for news and information, we monthly split our ad money with you.

Users of CedisRoom are immediately affiliates following a successful registration.

As an affiliate, you can make a sizable 62.5% commission, or GH$20, for each person who signs up for CedisRoom using your referral link.

Your chance to make 62.5% commission increases as more individuals you recommend sign up for the CedisRoom Income offer. Therefore, you can make GHC 100 per day if you can recommend at least 10 persons each day to use the CedisRoom Income opportunity.


  • Per article you comment on the site you earn GH0.10p
  • Referring people you earn 20cedis per referral

reading news you earn 0.20p per news read

  • Anyone who has regular costs can participate in the CedisRoom Income Program. Students, recent graduates, job seekers, bloggers, housewives, and anybody else looking to make money online are all welcome to apply. Stop spending your time online and start using your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and phone contacts.

    There are many students on campus who, like you, are constantly in need of money, therefore if you’re a student, joining the CedisRoom Income Program as an affiliate is a smart choice. Anyone can enter for a very low entrance fee. With the current government in office, the economy has seen significant upheaval during the last few months.

    In order to avoid paying full-time staff, employers are hiring more part-time workers instead.

How to join

First, go to this link  to see the Cedisroom tribute.

Once on the page, you must enter the information listed below.

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Congrats on completing your registration! You still need to complete this step to access your CedisRoom account. Once activated, you’ll be able to earn rewards for things like reading news, leaving comments, posting news, logging in daily, and inviting friends.

You can always deposit your earnings into your Momo account.

Complete the payment to grant infinite earning potential for your account. Sincere regards!

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Prosper Dougoli, also known as a Bomzydget, is a young Ghanaian tech content creator with extensive experience in Internet blogging.

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