You Must Know Secret Smartphone Codes.

Here are some of the key smartphone codes you need to know to improve your phone's performance. 

Smartphones have many features that many users are unaware of. One of these features is the availability of secret codes that provide valuable information about your device. Smartphones allow two types of secret codes: USSD (Unstructured Service Data) codes and MMI (Main Machine Interface) codes. USSD codes are carrier-specific, while MMI codes provide carrier information. The list of secret codes for smartphones is extensive, but here are some important codes that users should know.



This code allows you to check if your calls, data or numbers have been forwarded to another number.


With this code, you can determine if your phone’s display, speakers, camera, and sensors are working properly.

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This code gives the specific absorption rate (SAR) value of the mobile phone, indicating the amount of radiation emitted by the device. SAR values ​​should always be less than 1.6.




Use this code to find your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This is necessary if you lose your mobile phone.



This code provides information about your phone’s battery, internet, and WiFi.



This code provides information about your smartphone’s camera and whether it is working properly.



This code will reset your smartphone. However, be aware that all data will be lost in this process. So be sure to back up your data before entering this code. IPL 2023:

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