Nicki Minaj Teases Her fifth album is coming soon.

Nicki Minaj fifth album release

In a brand-new cover story on Wednesday, Nicki Minaj made a clue about her eagerly anticipated fifth studio album (Nov. 9).



The famous rapper talked candidly about her long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s Queen in an extensive interview with City Girls’ JT for i-D.
When questioned about her upcoming endeavors, she responded, “The fifth album,” to the magazine.
The record will be out shortly, but I won’t specify when it will.
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Without revealing any further information, Minaj shifted to promote her nail art business, teasing that “people will be able to buy my press-on nail with dope designs.” (I was already working on it when someone bought my press-on nail at auction for $50,000 or whatever they paid for it.)


Later on, Nicki declared once more that she wished to enter the TV and film industries once more, telling JT, “I’ve been talking to a director about doing something in a movie. We’ll watch how TV develops. I won’t, however, ever take a significant hiatus from performing since I like it. That is one of my biggest interests.

However, the Trinidadian artist opened up about some of the ways she has been misunderstood in the music business since becoming wildly popular in 2010 with Pink Friday.

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The rapper of “Super Freaky Girl” commented, “There’s a major misperception with folks that come out as opinionated. “There is a misperception that we are really powerful. A person may fight back, but it doesn’t imply they aren’t terrified.

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