Meek Mill And Lil Baby Flew In A Private Helicopter To Support The Eagles.

Many fans came in Philadelphia over the weekend to watch the Eagles play the San Francisco 49ers. Among them were Lil Baby and Meek Mill, who arrived by private aircraft.

Meek Mill and Lil Baby revealed that flying commercial is not something they want to do in a sequence of photographs and videos shared on both of their Instagram Stories. And, while it’s unclear where they started, it appeared to them that the distance could have been covered in a private aircraft. That is exactly how they get there.

Meek Mill uploaded a brief video of his travel to the private chopper. And it appears to have been his own automobile, the X223, a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class from the current generation. The rapper, who is known to post about his interest in new automobiles on social media, spent his money on both Mercedes-Maybach models, the S-Class in question and the Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC. His S-Class is a 2022 model year, and he customized it with the aid of celebrity vehicle customizer Will Castro.

We don’t know which vehicle Lil Baby used to get there, but based on Meek Mill’s video, it may have been a dark Cadillac Escalade. Meek and Lil Baby both like traveling in elegance, so they decided to take a journey in a private helicopter together. The aircraft is a 2013 AgustaWestland Philadelphia AW139 Rotorcraft, which they have previously utilized on multiple times.

The helicopter, which features a black exterior with white and orange accents, can carry up to 15 passengers over three rows of five seats. There is also enough for two pilots, and it can reach a peak speed of 167 knots (193 mph / 310 kph) and a cruising speed of 165 knots (191 mph (306 kph) owing to its twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turboshaft engines, each rated at 1,679 horsepower.

Speaking of the Philadelphia Eagles, Meek Mill and Lil Baby weren’t the only celebrities in attendance during the NFL Conference Championships final game. Kevin Hart, James Harden, Tyrese Maxey, DeSean Jackson, Tobias Harris, Joel Embidd, P.J. Tucker, and Michael Rubin were all in the “VIP suite” with the Eagles.

When it comes to the team, one of the stars drew attention when he arrived at Lincoln Financial Field. Star Darius Slay drove up in his custom donk, a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice convertible. Although neither Lil Baby nor Meek Mill appear to be interested in classic vehicles, Kevin Hart, who has a fondness for older models, would have something to speak about with Slay.


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