Ghanaian Nurses In Belfast Are Ecstatic As They Experience Snow For The First Time.

A snow shower earlier this week gave Adwoa, Freda, and Richmond, who work at Kingsbridge Private Hospital on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, a taste of what winter is really like.

The Ghanaian nurses are dancing amid the snowflakes with their eyes closed, dazzling smiles on their cheeks, and seem to be having as much fun as children.
The trio hurried outside during their break to feel the snow on their skin without even putting on coats in their eagerness to be outside and experience the white stuff.

The nurses, who are all employed by Kingsbridge’s new Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in the former King’s Hall Building, expressed their joy at their first snowfall.

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nurse feeling snow

It was lovely, according to Adwoa Aninkora, 26, who has lived in Northern Ireland since October 2022. It is pretty exciting to view something for the first time. We didn’t see the first snowfall that day, so when we heard it was snowing once again, we hurried outside in our scrubs to see what it was like.

“I’ve seen snow in movies, but it was fascinating to touch it,” the speaker said.

Of course, the weather in Northern Ireland differs greatly from that in Ghana, which has a tropical climate.

“Back home we usually have the sun out most of the time – it rains, yes, but usually we are warm,” said Adwoa.

“It pours a lot of rain in Northern Ireland. Coming from a tropical area, it was a little strange because it is generally windy and chilly, but you grow used to it. I have purchased numerous jackets.

Adwoa claimed that she had texted her father in Ghana the photos of her and her coworkers playing in the snow.

“I posted something to my dad. Although he has visited Northern Ireland before, he was pleased for me to see snow because I am his daughter.



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