LaLa Anthony applauded Lil Baby for volunteering at her Riker’s Island jail reform group on the same day he launched his latest album, It’s Only Me.

Earlier this week, when visiting The Jason Lee Show with her BMF co-star Da’Vinchi, LaLa took a moment to thank the Atlanta rap sensation for his humanitarian efforts on the day he released his third studio album, It’s Only Me. Baby came to Riker’s Island, according to LaLa, to talk to the children involved in her jail rehabilitation program.

“I wanna say something about Lil Baby,” Anthony said. “I have a prison reform group, and he came, and he talked to the kids at Rikers Island in my prison reform group. The day his album dropped. I thought that was so special that he did that the day his album dropped.”

She noted that Lil Baby enjoys giving back, and Jason Lee stated that while he doesn’t follow the current generation of rap, he admires the My Turn rapper for everything he does for the community.

Enjoy the short interview below;

Lil Baby’s good deeds have not gone ignored. Dominique “Lil Baby” Jones Day was established in November 2022, and it will be observed annually on November 13. At a special event, the Atlanta City Council presented a proclamation to the 27-year-old hitmaker.

Lil Baby’s tremendous Hip Hop career and effect as a “musical ambassador” for Atlanta, as well as his “generous” humanitarian endeavors, including the founding of his Four the People Foundation, were noted in the proclamation.

Lil Baby’s foundation has consistently given back to his local community, from establishing a $100,000 scholarship fund at his alma school, Booker T. Washington High School, to promising $1.5 million of the earnings from his 2020 hit “The Bigger Picture” to disadvantaged communities.

While continuing to assist those in need, Lil Baby is checking items off his bucket list, such as appearing on Saturday Night Live. This past weekend, the “We Paid” rapper appeared as a musical guest, performing renditions of “Forever” and “California Breeze.” Michael B. Jordan served as the evening’s special guest host.


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