Why Logos Are Important In Small Businesses

As a visual representation or symbol for the company, a business logo is used on all letterhead, communications, marketing, and advertising materials. Essentially, a reader may notice the logo before reading the content in most cases.

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Because their main functions are to evoke trust, recognition, and appreciation for a company or product, logos aid in the development of a brand identity for an organization or corporation. A logo must convey the emotion you want your target audience to associate with your company while also being straightforward, memorable, appropriate, ageless, and adaptable. Successful companies recognize the value of logos in the promotion of their goods, services, and brand.

Background of Logos

Although logos may have their origins in ancient civilizations that employed images to convey words and ideas, their history begins in the 13th century. At this time, watermarks used by paper manufacturers and markings used by goldsmiths both became trademarks.

The Rock of Gibraltar, which stands in for Prudential Insurance, is a potent symbol that has endured the test of time. This unbroken image was first used in 1896 and is still in use today. Another logo that has been used for at least 100 years has Nipper, a dog, sitting in front of a phonograph and is inscribed with the phrase “His Master’s Voice.” The dog picture has been used by RCA since 1910, when it acquired the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Popular brands and logos

There are four main types of logos: symbolic, verbal, graphical, and a combination of these three. Textual logos, such as Walt Disney, use familiar words as the logo. The typefaces, widths, and forms of the words are distinctive. Illustrations are utilized as logos in illustrated logos, such as the red, white, and blue circle for Pepsi-Cola.


Symbolic logos frequently have an abstract design and can be used globally (a prime example is Nike’s swoosh). Any combination of the other three types of logos is a combination logo. FedEx serves as an illustration of this since its textual logo also features the arrow icon in the blank area located between the letter E and the x.

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