TECNO SPARK 10 Pro Camera and How it works

Budget-friendly fun camera for fans is the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro.

Despite not being as well-known in Bangladesh as other smartphone manufacturers, TECNO is regarded by customers as a trustworthy supplier of cost-effective smartphones, producing low-cost models that appeal to the bulk of the local user population. The POVA 4 series, which comprised three new cellphones with prices ranging from Tk. 18 to Tk. 27, was introduced in Bangladesh last year. Their most recent product, the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro, targets the low-cost market once more, with a heavy emphasis on camera performance.

Tecno Spark 10 Pro 5G

First and foremost, this phone is quite attractive. The three cameras are arranged in the same arrangement and sequence as on the favored Apple devices, and its rear design is quite similar to that of the iPhone 13 Pro’s. The phone’s overall beauty is greatly enhanced by the glass back panel’s “starry” pattern and smooth feel. The phone is reasonably lightweight and comfortable to carry in one hand despite having a 6.8-inch display that is somewhat large. You can use this phone to view videos on the go thanks to the basic 1080×2460 screen resolution and the 90Hz refresh rate.

TECNO POVA Neo 2, which is in a similar price range to SPARK 10 Pro, has a comparable Helio G85 gaming processor but a 7,000 mAh battery over SPARK 10 Pro’s 5,000 mAh battery. Of course, with SPARK 10 Pro, you are getting a whopping 50 MP main + 30 MP selfie camera instead of POVA Neo 2’s dual 16 MP main + 8 MP selfie. Of course, it goes without saying that you can play most Play Store games on both devices without experiencing.

tecno spark10 pro

Now for the most wanted component of this phone, the camera. Even with its price tag in mind, the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro has an excellent camera and a number of interesting features. The phone’s aforementioned 50 MP back and 32 MP front cameras both include unique AI features that make taking pictures entertaining.

The ‘AI cam’ mode is the default setting when you launch the camera app; in this mode, the phone recognizes the surroundings in real-time and automatically adjusts settings to produce clear, high-quality images. The camera will recognize the situation as “Text” and alter the illumination to make the text easier to see, for instance, if you point it at a computer screen with writing on it. It’s interesting that when photographing a mango tree, the camera labeled the image as “Plant,” but not when photographing other trees or little flowers.

spark 10 pro 12
Camera taken with Tecno Spark 10 pro

The camera will activate the HDR backlight function if there is a lot of scattered light in the scene, which will sharpen the image’s focus on the important subject and lessen background noise. It even gives you the option to convert to the “Super Night” camera setting, where the camera will apply filters to give your night images more life. If the camera detects darkness, it will instantly switch to “Night mode” to capture stunning shots in low light.

When using the AI cam function, the 50 MP photo option can be manually turned on and off. Of course, the 50 MP photos are of much higher resolution and file size compared to the non-50 MP ones. For instance, a portrait taken in the 50 MP mode was 6144×8192 res with 9.13 MB size, whereas the same shot with 50 MP mode turned off was 3048×4064 res with 2.98 MB size.

The front camera on the phone is comparable in several ways. The front camera has the same features as the rear camera, including options for AI color enhancement, automatic backlight and focus, and photography modes like beauty, portrait, and “Super Night,” which are available on both the front and back cameras. Being 32 MP instead of 50 MP obviously means lower resolution in photos, but other than that, you get to play around with the same features.

spark 10 pro 15
Camera taken with Tecno Spark 10 pro

The majority of the time we spent using the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro was spent testing its entertaining camera. Although not at the top of the market, its performance and battery life are undoubtedly good compared to other comparable cheap smartphones. Fans on a budget will undoubtedly welcome the pricing of an AI-based camera phone like the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro, despite the fact that higher-priced smartphones can provide greater camera functionality. The 128 GB memory + 16 GB RAM (with 8 GB expandable RAM) variant, which is presently selling for Tk 17,990/-, is the one we utilized for this review.maxresdefault

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