How should you react if your cell phone is stolen or lost .

Even though it may not seem common, it occurs frequently every day when people hurry out of a public place, such as a bar or restaurant. For instance, we may accidentally leave our cell phone on the bar or on the table and when we go back to get it to give an account, a friend of someone else has already put it in his pocket.

Every minute counts if you are the victim of a robbery or lose your cell phone. Being ready and moving quickly can mean the difference between struggling and becoming a victim of extortion or financial fraud.


In the event that your smartphone is stolen or lost, you run the following risks:

phone theft

Data, pictures, movies, audios, private conversations, and login information for online services will all be accessible to criminals. being a target of identity theft and/or having your smartphone’s contents demanded in exchange for money.

that they misrepresent who you are in front of your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and/or clients.

If online services can be accessed automatically from a smartphone, thieves will be able to access the ones you use regularly and use them to make illicit transactions. If you save your login information in notes or images on your phone, they could easily access those files.

If your smartphone is your only second factor authentication (2FA) method, you won’t be able to access online services like shopping or banking on time.

not being able to access your email. Because the majority of online services require your email account to authenticate password changes, approve transactions, etc., this is crucial.

Of course, the ideal course of action is to plan ahead and adopt effective preventative measures to steer clear of this circumstance, such as:

46 LostorStolen

Enable a PIN or biometric mechanism as a password to access the smartphone. If you have an Android smartphone, avoid using a pattern like “M”, “L”, “C”, “S,” and “O.”

Turn on “autolock screen” for activation in under a minute.

Enable “Find My iPhone” or “Find My Device” on your smartphone and remember the login information.

To cancel or suspend your phone line, credit cards, and internet banking, have the customer care phone number handy (not on your smartphone).

It makes natural that a close friend or family member would know the details for item No. Keep the person’s phone number in mind.

It makes natural that a close friend or family member would know the details for item No. So you may call them, write down their phone number in your memory.

These safety measures lessen the likelihood that you will experience the negative effects of having your cell phone stolen or lost, but we are always at danger in situations like this, especially in the society we live in today. As a result, we are going to provide you with some advice that you can utilize if you misplace your cellphone.

What to do if phone is lost or phone is stolen
Busy business woman in office reads emails on her smartphone device

The smartphone’s email accounts should have new passwords.

Make a call to your smartphone from another phone. It might be close or someone might have found it.

Make contact with your phone operator’s customer care; cards with credit; online

Change your Android or iPhone’s iCloud access password.

what do do phone lost stolen

It is advised that you wipe the data and restore the smartphone to factory settings if you recover it later. It’s possible that the phone has been infected with a harmful software.

The most crucial thing in this type of situation is to maintain your composure. Prevention is also vital since, even if you are unable to reclaim the device, at least you will know that it can no longer be used and, most importantly, that all of your information is secure.

Prosper Dougoli

Prosper Dougoli, also known as a Bomzydget, is a young Ghanaian tech content creator with extensive experience in Internet blogging.

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