How to protect private photos in Google Photos 

Many people use Google Photos to store and share their photos and videos online. A popular app for Android smartphones. One way to protect your favorite photos is to set a password. There is also a feature called “Locked Folders” that provides additional security. You can use your password, screen lock, or fingerprint to access your locked folders and view the photos stored there. The Google Photos app is free and can be downloaded for Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows PCs.

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How to protect private photos in Google Photos

To create a locked folder in Google Photos to protect your personal photos, follow these steps:

Make sure your Google Photos app is up to date.

Open the app and go to the “Library” section.

In the Library, find and select the Utilities option.

Look for the “Locked Folder Setup” feature to see how it works.

Tap Get Started to display the policy page. Click Setup to start the setup process.

Select your preferred lock type. B. Password or Fingerprint.

Select Move Items to add photos and videos to the locked folder.

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How to protect private photos in Google Photos

A photo gallery is displayed. So select the photos and videos you want to move.

After selecting the item, tap “Move”.

Note that deleting the Google Photos app will also delete all photos and videos stored in locked folders. So be careful and think twice before deleting an app.

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