iOS 17.4 has been released and is now geared towards providing an enhanced experience for users in Europe.


Apple has released the iOS 17.4 update, which includes new emojis and improved security for iMessage. It also brings significant changes to the App Store and contactless payments for iPhone users in Europe. These changes are in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which aims to create a fairer digital economy.


One major change is that third-party developers can now offer alternative app stores and downloads for EU users outside of the iOS App Store. However, developers must get approval from Apple and pay a fee for each install once their app reaches a certain number of downloads.


In the EU, iPhone users will see update notes mentioning new options for app stores, web browsers, and payment methods.

It may take time for apps to go through the approval process, but some, like Mobivention’s enterprise-focused app marketplace, will be available starting March 7th. Epic is also working to bring its Epic Game Store to iOS in 2024, and MacPaw plans to launch its Setapp store officially in April.

iOS 17.4 now lets people in the EU choose different web browsers like Chrome and Firefox, not just Apple’s Safari. When you open Safari for the first time, you’ll be asked to pick your default browser. Google and Mozilla are working on new browsers for iOS that might come out soon.

Also, Apple is updating the iPhone’s NFC payment chip so other apps besides Apple Pay and Apple Wallet can use it for contactless payments in Europe. You can see which apps want this feature in your settings.

Initially, Apple said they would stop supporting progressive web apps (PWAs) in the EU to follow new rules, but now they’re keeping the existing feature for EU users. However, these apps will still use Apple’s technology, not other browsers’ tech.

Prosper Dougoli

Prosper Dougoli, also known as a Bomzydget, is a young Ghanaian tech content creator with extensive experience in Internet blogging.

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