Ben Blay Appointed as Digital Marketing Administrator for Event Ticketing Platform And Record Label ‘Tribes & Cliqs’

Accomplished Ghanaian content creator and digital marketer, Ben Blay, is embarking on an exciting new journey as he assumes the role of Digital Marketing Administrator for Tribes & Cliqs, a prominent Ghanaian ticketing platform and music label. This appointment marks another significant milestone in Blay’s burgeoning career within the entertainment and technology sectors.

Ben Blay’s journey in the digital realm commenced at a remarkably young age. Born Benedict Kwame Blay on October 6, 2001, his passion for digital marketing and content creation led him to carve a niche for himself in the ever-evolving landscape of online media.

Blay’s foray into the world of blogging began at the age of 14, where he adeptly managed YouTube channels for friends and individuals. By the time he turned 15 and completed Junior High School, he was already handling social media accounts for businesses and even his own Senior High School. This early exposure laid the foundation for what would later become a flourishing career in digital marketing and media management.

After graduating High School in 2020, Blay wasted no time in delving deeper into the realm of digital content creation. He contributed news articles to reputable platforms such as Opera News, Ghana Web, Apex News and before venturing into entrepreneurship with the establishment of his first blog, JoyMate360, in early 2020. Despite facing challenges such as a hacking incident in early 2022, Blay’s resilience and passion for the industry never wavered.

Ben Blay as his brand (Ben Blay News) is at its peak of growth and while he is still pursuing tertiary education at the Ghana Communications Technology University, Ben seized a remarkable opportunity by joining Tribes & Cliqs as their Digital Marketing Administrator. This move represents a natural progression for Ben Blay, whose expertise in digital marketing and profound understanding of the Ghanaian entertainment landscape make him an invaluable asset to the Tribes & Cliqs team.

About Tribes & Cliqs

Tribes & Cliqs, an innovative event broadcast and ticketing app company, has been making waves in the industry with its revolutionary approach to event management and attendance. Ben Blay’s appointment comes at a pivotal moment for the company as it seeks to expand its reach and solidify its position as a leading player in the Ghanaian entertainment scene.

You can visit for more information on the platform and upcoming events.

Speaking of his new role, Ben Blay expresses his enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to Tribes & Cliqs’ growth and success. “I am thrilled to join the dynamic team at Tribes & Cliqs and look forward to leveraging my expertise to drive digital marketing initiatives that resonate with our audience,” he says. “Together, we will continue to elevate the event experience and redefine the way events are managed and attended in Ghana.”

Blay’s appointment as Digital Marketing Administrator for Tribes & Cliqs comes hot on the heels of another significant achievement earlier this year when he was named the Label Manager and Digital Marketer for INMUSIC Distro, a prominent music distribution company. While this role underscores Ben Blay’s versatility and influence within the music industry, his focus remains firmly on his latest endeavor with Tribes & Cliqs.

As Ben Blay embarks on this exciting chapter in his career, his impact on the Ghanaian digital marketing landscape continues to be felt far and wide. With his innovative approach, relentless work ethic, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Ben Blay is poised to make waves as he leads Tribes & Cliqs into a new era of digital innovation and event excellence.

Stay tuned for updates as Ben Blay continues to shape the future of digital marketing and entertainment in Ghana and beyond.

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