Countries having the highest divorce rates are included [see list].

According to latest numbers published by the World of numbers, India has the lowest divorce rate in the world.

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India has the lowest divorce rate in the world at 1%, followed by Vietnam at 7% and Iran at 14%.


Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, and Russia are the nations with the most divorce cases, according to the data.



The only two African nations included in the paper are Egypt and South Africa, with respective rates of 17% and 17%.


View the entire list:

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India: 1%

Vietnam (7%), Tajikistan (10%), Iran (14%), Mexico (17%), and Egypt (17%).

17% for South Africa

Turkey: 25% Brazil: 21%

30%: Colombia

33% in Poland

Japan: 35%

Australia: 43%, New Zealand: 41%, Germany: 38%, and the United Kingdom: 41%

Chinese: 44%; American:

Korea, South: 46%

Italy: 46% Denmark: 46%

Country: 47%

United Kingdom: 48%

Finland: 50%

50% France

53%: Belgium

Sweden: 55%

Cuba: 55%

7% Ukraine

73%: Russia

79% Luxembourg

Spain: 85%

Portugal: 94%


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