Chris Hemsworth Shares A Sweet And Funny Story About Getting To Kiss His Wife Elsa Pataky For A Scene In The Movie Thor

The Marvel universe’s Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, is a hero who transitioned from being a fighter to a lover. The connection between the Odinson and Dr. Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, taught him a much about defending more than just the cosmos. The hammer doesn’t fall too far from the man, as we all know. Hemsworth is still sharing the endearing and humorous tale of how he kissed his real wife Elsa Pataky in an MCU post-credits sequence, even in an universe after Thor: Love and Thunder.

True fans with keen eyes will recall that the scene in issue appears in the second post-credits sequence of the 2013 film Thor: The Dark World. But before we get into the specifics of what transpired, this is how Chris Hemsworth explained the origin of the scene in an interview with Evie Magazine:


Thor: The Dark World’s hero is reunited with Dr. Jane Foster in a brief scene that concludes director Alan Taylor’s Phase 2 Marvel film. We’re treated to a scene where a man is flying in to be with the lady he loves, and it’s the ideal scene to introduce a Disney+ subscription as a Valentine’s Day present. Movie magic makes it appear as though Natalie Portman is involved in the entire affair, while Elsa Pataky is the one paying her husband lip service.

The Fast Saga star and her hubby have collaborated outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pataky recently aged up for Chris Hemsworth’s streaming series Limitless to depict what she and her spouse would possibly look like in 45 years. These two are essentially the Mickey and Minnie Mouse of the Marvel Cinematic Universe if both actors remain together and work on Disney-related projects.

Even if most Marvel fans and even some Hemsworth aficionados know the tale by heart, it is still lovely to hear. Chris Hemsworth is just as thrilled to be with his wife in front of the camera as he is in their everyday lives together, despite some people’s jokes that the work is an opportunity to miss the ones they love.

Before or after viewing Thor: The Dark World again, if you want to witness that scene for yourself, you’re in luck. Here is a link to the post-credits scene for your viewing and smooching pleasure:

We’re not so sure when we’ll see Thor back on the big screen, or whether we’ll see Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky reunite for a project down the line. What we do know is that Hemsworth can next be seen in Extraction 2, the sequel to his smash Netflix which is due to debut on the platform this summer, and with the Marvel actor in fighting shape. For all other inquiries about the 2023 new movie releases, there’s one handy guide that has it all laid out in one place; no stunt double needed.


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