When I released my song, Kwesi Arthur didn’t share, despite his encouragement — Efia Odo

Kwesi Arthur encouraged me to work on my music, but when I finally released it, he didn’t share it- Efia Odo

It’s no secret that Ghanaian actress and now musician Efia Odo is Kwesi Arthur’s biggest supporter and fan.

Efia Odo has promoted the rapper’s music, attended all of his events, and has been a staunch supporter of him.

You’d think that if the tables were turned, Efia would do the same for Kwesi Arthur, but that’s not the case.

Kwesi Arthur did not share her latest single “Getting to the bag” when she dropped it on New Year’s Day, according to Efia Odo in an exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV’s Zeinat Issahaku, and this will not be the first time.

“Kwesi Arthur has never posted any pictures of me. My reality show, “My African Love,” was probably the only time I did it. He had posted on his story once, but as you can see from how hard I work for him, he never posted the song,” Efia tells Zeinat.

Efia Odo also revealed that the rapper was aware that she was working on her music and that he fully supported her decision to pursue it.

“He knew, he’s the one who told you to take it seriously,” Efia admitted.

Watch the entire interview below:


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