“7 Key Guidelines Every Successful Marketer Must Adhere To”

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First I’d like to thank you for investing in the article. You’ve placed your trust in Bomzy and myself and we’re both determined to give you the information you need to make a success of your online business.

A word of caution if I may though.
There is a saying you may have heard of… “Knowledge equals Power”
Well, the first thing I want to do is ‘correct’ that saying… I know from personal experience that it’s just not true.
What Bomzy teaches through my detailed layout of the conversations we’ve had most certainly are This Article… BUT

Simply knowing them will not do you any good what so ever. I’ve spent most of my career offline in some sort of sales environment, and one thing I always did when I was selling or managing was to find the best people and learn from them.
Others did the same and yet never had the success I had.
I did discover why, and I’d like to share that with you now, before you even get started reading what Bomzyhas passed on to me to detail out for you.
The difference between myself and others who did not achieve the success I have, was the application of the skills and knowledge we all had access to.

So the correct statement should read… “The Applied Use of Knowledge equals Power”
A great example would be Bomzy’s great product Affiliate Promo Formula, reading it and knowing it isn’t going to bring you any success, applying what he teaches will.

Number 1 of Guidelines Every Successful Marketer Must Adhere To is,

Make a Plan

This may seem obvious to some people running any type of offline business, and yet people who decide they want to have an online business to earn some extra money often neglect this extremely important first step!
Can you blame them?
Key One ✔
Key Two ✔
Key Three ✔
Key Four ✔
Key Five ✔
Key Six ✔
Key Seven ✔
They are then presented with 447,000,000 websites!
Can you imagine the confusion that already begins to reign as they click and click on so many sites?

What’s more with so many sites all vying for attention of the new marketer, they all try to make it sound so easy and simple, at least that’s what I’ve found, and I’m sure you’ve seen the same if you’ve gone down that route. It makes the old saying ring true that….
“It’s a total mine field out there!”

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but usually at this stage many will fall for the hyped up over priced ‘get rich quick schemes’ designed purely to extract maximum revenue for the site owner from your wallet. They buy into the promises of overnight success, the pay us your money and do nothing pitch, and then can’t understand why nothing is coming their way as promised.

If they are lucky they won’t fall for it too many more times (but from experience of talking to people we’ve met online, they usually do) until eventually they realize there is no overnight do nothing while making money in your sleep short cut.
That’s when most will either leave the Internet Marketing scene completely, or start to look for serious help.

What stage are you at?

Where ever people end up looking for help, at some point they begin to discover that there are people on the net earning real incomes, both part time and full time incomes.

The next move is usually to ‘have a dabble’ and try to find their way on their own, without listening to the false promises, but wandering around all over the place without focus.

If they’re lucky, they’ll occasionally make a few dollars, always swapping and changing direction to what seems the next big thing, in the hope that this will be it for them!

Consider this…

If you’re driving to your local shops, do you jump in the car and just follow whichever car is in front of you? Even if it’s heading in a different direction?

I know, silly question, of course you don’t.

You know exactly where you want to go and you already have a route planned in your mind before you even jump in the car! What’s more, I’m sure you also have alternate routes available to you should anything interfere with your normal route?

Why, because you have planned the route, you know where you need to get to, and where you’re starting from, you’ve done the journey before so the ‘plan’ is already in your mind.

Let’s put that into business context.

Do you think any of the world’s successful business men and women just decide to start a new business and then set off? Spending money advertising, gearing up to sell one product then thinking they’ll change to another because it looked a better idea one night, 3 weeks later doing something completely different.

Of course you don’t, and hey you’re smart enough to know that they would research and plan everything they do!

Well, a business on the internet is no different from any other business. I can tell you right now that one of the most important keys that every successful marketer follows is to PLAN what they are going to do and how they are going to go about it.

When you plan a journey that is unfamiliar to you, you would be advised to consult a map, or ask directions of someone who’s been there before. That would make sense wouldn’t it?
So if you’d like some help in planning how you’re going to build your internet income wouldn’t it make sense to ask for directions or follow someone who’s been there before. Someone who is already at where you want to arrive?

Summing up Key One…

Make a Plan.

Get a map from someone who knows the route or follow someone who can lead you where you want to be. Decide where you want to go and make your plan with any help you can get.
P.S. Do you remember the saying…
If You’re Failing to Plan – Your Planning to Fail Don’t Fail to Plan.

Take a break right now – and get some good old fashioned paper and a pencil, and start jotting some notes and get started on making Your Plan!

Number two of The 7 Key Elements

Take Action

we discussed Making a Plan.

So hopefully you’ve given that some serious consideration, and have started to write down what you would really like to do…

In other words I hope you’ve made a start on Making a Plan!

Which ties in well with chapter two, Taking Action! Because if you don’t Take Action and make a start on you’re Plan…

Well, to repeat the quote from chapter one;

*If you fail to plan, your planning to fail*

So we’ve established that Every Successful Marketer makes a plan, hopefully it will be obvious that they then Take Action. I’m sure you would agree that they must?

The difference I see with so many though, is that they make plans and have some really great ideas, but then those plans sit on a desk top somewhere, on a notepad or even stay in their heads…

People daydream of what they could do and how wonderful it will be… Then do nothing about it!

We see it all the time with people we try to help. More often than not there is always a “Really Good Reason” why they can’t get started.

It could be lack of cash to get them up and running, or not enough time, sometimes it’s just a plain old confidence issue or a lack of knowledge needed. I’ve got to tell you honestly…

They Are All Excuses!

Does that sound harsh?

Maybe it does, but I’m really not trying to upset people by saying that… Allow me to give some examples and see if it rings true with you.

I’ll use the reasons mentioned above, as they seem to be some of the more popular excuses that some struggle to overcome.

*Low Self Confidence

People who would love to Take Action but are worried that they’ll do it all wrong, they’re not sure of themselves or their ideas.

That’s understandable, but if they don’t Take Action, How will they ever know? So part of their PLAN could be to research if their idea is feasible, to see if there is a market already established for their idea and how well it’s doing, to ask on forums for thoughts and opinions.

They could even take action and have a trial run with their idea and see what happens. All of this would provide valuable comments, and based on those comments they could gain confidence to know that they have a good idea or at the very least discover that it wont work.

The point is that if they Took Action, they would eventually resolve the confidence issue one way or another, which would allow them to move on…
Make further Plans and Take Action.

  • No Time

Next we have people who have some great ideas, have made a plan, and then realize it will take time they don’t think they have.

Now I’m going to sound harsh again…
Some people in the world really don’t have any time. They work far more hours than we do, get home and do chores or have a second job to go to and then sleep.

Anyone who has time to be on the internet, and has learnt enough to formulate a plan, must have some time. Therefore I would suggest they next need to establish what they’re doing with their time and prioritize it.

A little less TV, a little less surfing and browsing, or time in chat rooms or playing games… I’m sure they could find half an hour or more to devote to their own success wouldn’t you agree?

So the next part of their Plan would be to Take Action in analyzing their time and managing it better!

  • No Cash

This is always a difficult subject to talk to people about.
First – do they really have nothing to invest in their own future? How are they paying for their internet connection? Could they Plan to give up a few coffees to raise a little capital? You can see where I’m going here can’t you?

If the plan is a good plan, there is usually always a way to find the cash needed to get it off the ground.

BUT… There will always be someone who says they have done that and there really is nothing available to them!

For those I would say make a Plan to research free ways to get things started. It can be done; it just takes a lot more time.

Is it worth the effort? That’s not for me to judge, But if I had a plan that I knew would lead me to a growing successful business, I would want to Take Action in whatever way possible and regardless of how long it took me, to get me to a position where I could implement it and start enjoying the rewards of me Taking Action.

  • Lack of Knowledge

As with any new venture a certain amount of knowledge is required just to start implementing a Plan. Not to start due to lack of knowledge would be a shame, after all we are on the Internet!

The biggest library of knowledge known to man!

So with a plan in place, the next stage would be to Take Action and learn the skills needed to get under way.

Again there are ways and means of doing this, one would be to spend the time required searching and studying the web to find as much info as possible, then filter through it to get to the relevant and useful pieces… Granted it takes time, but without Taking Action, nothing else will ever happen.

Another method would be to find a Mentor, Someone who is already where you want to be and is prepared to save you all the time and struggles researching what you need to know, helping you Take the Action you need to and short cut the learning curve to catapult yourself to success. I’ll talk more about finding a mentor at the end of this eBook.

So you see, whichever way we look at things, if we want to join the Successful Marketers who are making a full time living it can’t be done without Making A Plan, and then Taking Action on it.

A final thought to add is for the procrastinators… The people who always find a reason why they’ll start tomorrow, because they just need to ensure their Plan is spot on before they get going…

*Nothing is going to happen until You Take Action*

Here’s an interesting fact for you.
When NASA first went to the Moon, it was because the President had made the commitment to Take Action.
They made their Plans; they had the best Mentors in every aspect of achieving what they wanted to do…
Yet, without Taking the Action of launching, they would never have achieved the goal of a moon landing… This is the really interesting part…
“For 98% of their journey, they were off course!”
Can you imagine that? Yet the fact that they Took Action allowed them to “Course Correct” as they went. Had they waited until the Plan was perfect and they knew they’d be 100% right, they would probably never have taken the action they needed to.
They took Action, and the rest as they say, is history.
Summing up so far
Make a Plan
Take Action
Get things going and ‘course correct’ along the way.

Number three of The 7 Key Elements

Staying Focused

Staying Focused, stick to your plan.
If you’re following along with me so far you should now have some ideas written down ready to develop a Plan.

You may even have some initial thoughts on how you can start Taking Action to get your Plan and ideas up and running.
So moving on to another Key Every Successful Marketer Follows… Staying Focused And Sticking to Their Plan.

Thousands of would be marketers do get this far. Then it all starts to fall apart for them. One of the main reasons is because they lose their focus and don’t stick to their plan!
They stop taking action when their focus drifts. The net result is that it all becomes just another ‘tried & failed’ scenario. Why?
There could be many factors involved, and hey, if something personal came up with family or work, well there’s not a great deal they can do. To be honest, in those cases, based on my experience, most committed marketers will just take a break until they can recommit to their Plan and recommence Taking Action.
So what happens to the rest?

Hard work usually… Many people suddenly realize that if they are doing things on their own without any guidance from a mentor, they have everything to ‘learn the hard way’… Trust me, I’ve been there, it’s not easy to stay focused when nothing seems to be going right!
It can really test the resolve of many… So the right Attitude can help a great deal.

That will open your eyes to a new way to think about the reasons you may be struggling.
It’s vital to stay focused when things seem down for some, because as they go about their daily Action Steps required by their Plan, they are drawn to all the emails and websites they come across that promise easy riches, and quite innocently they end up “just having a quick look”
That “quick look” can often result in a total loss of focus on what they are supposed to be doing, which in turn results in less and less being accomplished until finally they begin to believe they had the wrong Plan. You must have heard the term…

“The Grass is Always Greener on The Other Side”?
Meaning so many other opportunities can suddenly look as if THEY would have been the better one to work at!

That’s the big problem that kills so many great ventures before they’ve even got off the ground!

Successful Marketers will train themselves NOT to be distracted from what they are supposed to be doing, by keeping their head down and focused on Their Plan, they’ll never notice the supposedly greener grass…

Lets be honest, the whole point of the quote is to teach people that grass is green, and there is no greener grass, it just looks that way from a distance!

So if you and I know that, then we should be able to do what the Successful marketer does and ignore the distractions… Remain focused on our own plan and stick with it taking the necessary action until…

It produces the results we have planned for…

I’d like this lesson to stick in your mind…

Let me explain a little about a water pump!

Now you’re probably thinking what is he on about! Ha-ha

Have you ever seen any of those old western films where there’s the trough to water the horses in the high street? That’s the sort of pump I want to talk about … the ones where there is a big arm that needs constant pumping up and down and then water gushes through it into the trough.

Well, as I understand it, that pump is sitting above a well of water deep in the ground, so when someone comes and wants a drink they have to pump and pump for what seems like an age.

In a way, it’s like a new business sometimes… A massive amount of work going into it, Planning and Taking Action…

As the thirsty person keeps pumping, initially nothing seems to be happening… They pump and pump and nothing… If they didn’t really need the water, it would be quite easy to get distracted and think it was never coming, and what if they lost focus and gave up pumping?

That tends to be similar to what so many do with their plans… They take a certain amount of action but with no immediate result, they lose focus and don’t stick with it.

Well, what if they had kept focus and stuck with it? 

The person on the well would have realized that although nothing seemed to be happening. In fact the water beneath had a long way to come up…

All the pumping was steadily expelling air from the pipes and forcing the water to climb to the surface. Had they stopped that water could have been just a few more pumps from gushing through!

Now do you see why you need to stay focused and stick to your plan? Taking action until your success finally gushes through.
This is what the successful marketer knows… It could just be that next half dozen pumps, those next few actions, that brings it all to the surface.
Imagine stopping just before it all came gushing?
Thinking the pump down the street may be a quicker pump, when all the while yours was just 6 more pumps to a river of success!
Don’t let that happen to you!
Summing up so far.

  1.  Make a Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan.
    There is no greener grass, keep your head down and focus.

Don’t stop and release the pressure or the success will run into the ground just as quickly as water back down a pipe!

Number four of The 7 Key Elements

Avoid Distractions

Forums, gaming sites, YouTube, Facebook etc.
How are things moving along for you? Naturally I realize that reading thru as you might be isn’t giving you much time to make your plans and take action on them straight away.
If you’re making notes and taking action after each chapter, Then you’ll find it easier to move things along.

Can you see how all these keys are tying in with each other? There is a reason for this key having its own tag.
It could have been bundled in with staying focused,
There is a slight difference I wanted to point out to you, so that you didn’t fall into a trap that many people do.

You see a large amount of people get so far along and think things are moving along nicely.
They have made a plan…
They have taken action…

And they believe they are totally focused on their objective.
In other words they’re not skipping between different plans; they don’t go looking for greener grass…

Yet. There never seems to be time to complete all the tasks they have in their plan, that require consistent action! Why Not?

What I’m talking about is the things that sneak up on you.
You may be taking action by making a forum posting to get your signature seen. That’s part of your plan and strategy so it shouldn’t be a problem……
Until you notice the posts someone else has made on your subject!
It seems very interesting and you feel you need to check it out to help in your business, next thing you know its an hour and ten minutes later.

You’ve read a whole heap of info, and your business hasn’t moved forward!
You Got Distracted!

The same thing can happen when you go to places like YouTube and Facebook. (Especially Facebook)
Arriving on YouTube with the full intention of just watching that ONE video of how to perform a certain task you need to do as part of your plan. Taking the action and being focused on learning what’s required.

Again you just happen to see the next three videos are all on the same subject – Maybe they’ll show a different way than the one you just watched, lo and behold another 20 – 30 minutes has disappeared from your online time!

Crikey! It’s been a hard morning and evening, with all that reading and then those videos, and the notes you’ve taken. It’s time for a 5 minute break,
Just a quick visit to Facebook to reward yourself for all the effort you’ve put in today.
Before you know it another 45 minutes or more has been eaten away.

I may be exaggerating but I know people this has happened to, and quite honestly, they don’t know where the time went!
So the point I’m trying to make is to build things into your plan. Allow for a forum visit, but remember the purpose of it.

Watch the video you need to, but if you see more of interest, bookmark them, by all means reward yourself with a visit to your favorite gaming site. BUT!

With all these things allocate your time as though you were allocating it to an employee. Set tasks that you have decided must be done, then and only then slot into your schedule the things that aren’t making a difference to your business!

One of the surest ways to help you avoid distractions is to get yourself a small piece of card, about the size of a business card.
Write on one side…

“Is what I’m doing NOW ultimately going to grow my business?”

Place the card on, or close to your PC screen, then when you’re thinking of clicking that next link or reading that next post, as you spot the card, you may find yourself thinking…
NO. I’ll go back to that later when I’ve completed what I set out to do today! Don’t allow distractions to STEAL your cash.

Were you wondering when the heavy lecture was coming,
think about this.
If an hour of productive time on your business results in you making an extra $50.
Then start adding up all the time you’ve spent on things that aren’t producing for you, after all that’s why you’re here isn’t it? To gain the knowledge to produce extra income?
So if it did just boil down to say 75 minutes a day…
20 minutes here and 10 minutes there… Another 15 and then perhaps a half hour you really didn’t see fly by.

Suddenly, and without even realizing it,
You’ve had a potential $16,000+ STOLEN from your annual income!
If it were half that, heck if it were only a quarter, that’s still cash I’m sure you’d rather have in your pocket?
Summing up so far.

  1.  Make a Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan
  4. Avoid Distractions
    Ask yourself:
    “Is what I’m doing NOW ultimately going to grow my business?”

Number five of The 7 Key Elements

Keep It Going

Hey we’re really moving along now. If you’ve been following me and taking notes, you should now be thinking about what happens next.

Great, let me tell you now, if those are the only keys you follow, you will have some success. Now that’s got to be good to hear hasn’t it?

What if you want more than just some success, well then you’ve got to keep following the keys that every successful marketer follows, that means…

Keep It Going.

Don’t suffer the fate of many who taste success and revel in it for a short time, only to finish up right back where they started. I can only tell you from personal experience of good people I know, that it can all go horribly wrong.

Here’s what I’ve seen happen to some, and like I said, these were good people, just like you and I. I’ll just talk about one guy in particular, lets just call him Joe (I don’t want to hurt his feelings or embarrass him).

Joe came online to make some extra money, and without boring you, he went through the usual schemes and wasted more than he made for a while, just as many of us do.

He wasn’t too unhappy after all; it was more of a hobby than a serious attempt. You see, Joe had a day job that paid quite well, so he didn’t need an online business to feed his family or anything, he was a sales rep for a local home improvements company.

Anyway, as luck would have it one call Joe went on was to the house of an internet marketer … a full time successful marketer, after conducting business and completing his presentation Joe was enjoying a coffee with his client and naturally the top of the range computer in the downstairs office was discussed, as Joe was in awe of the equipment his client had.

Joe knew from his sales presentation that the client made his income online and was relating his trials and errors and all the losses he had from attempting to do the same. This is where Joe became a real student of marketing.

The client explained all the things Joe was doing wrong and showed him some of the systems he had in place, telling Joe how he made money from multiple streams of income. Joe was fascinated; he paid great attention to what was being said and took several mental notes. Later he wrote down everything he could remember and set about creating his plan.

Joe did consider this a fortunate meeting, not only did he get the sale of his companies products, but he had learned from a successful marketer where he was going wrong and what he should be doing, a free lesson from a really good mentor…

Joe, immediately on getting home, scrapped everything he was doing that was non-profitable, and started to implement what he had been told.

He started with some research and made himself a plan….

within a couple of weeks he was taking action on his plans, and referring often to his notes from what the mentor had said, he made sure he was focused and did what was required to get his business into profit, he avoided any distractions and started to make money… Very reasonable money at that.

As the weeks passed the income levels grew to the point where Joe no longer needed to check his inbox… He just checked his merchant account to find money waiting for him. This was the life Joe had envisaged,

He thought he had it in the bag at last.

Would you believe it (Joe didn’t) within another couple of months his income was back down to break even!

Joe noticed that things seemed to have dried up … yes there was still some coming through, but nothing like there had been. He started to spend more on promotions to increase his sales, but the systems didn’t seem to be working any more.

Joe was lucky here, He could easily have gone the route of many, and eventually lost some big money … like a gambler chasing a losing streak, it’s not the way to go!

That’s when Joe realized he didn’t get the whole picture (well how could he from one evenings chat?) So he called up the successful marketer, and luckily, he was happy to speak to Joe again and explain where he’d gone wrong.

He Hadn’t Kept It Going!
Yes, he’d set things up and they did well for a while, but he hadn’t thought about creating new products for his existing customers, and he hadn’t tried to look after them, nor grow his list other than those who had bought.

Fortunately for Joe he had the mentorship of a successful marketer to help him see what he needed to do next.
For many that get to where Joe got to it’s the start of a slippery slope back down to nothing. Possibly worse for those that put everything they have and all their hopes and dreams into their success!

So what I’m trying to teach and relay to you here, is to keep it going.
Once you have taken the steps to achieve some success, think long and hard about the medium and long term strategies you’re going to employ.

Keep creating new products, both for your existing customers and for new markets.
Be sure to look after your customers, build your lists of buyers and treat them well; give them more of what they want.

I didn’t stop after the great success of my first product. Bomzy wouldn’t let me, he kept on at me to keep it going, and that’s why there are products of mine all over the Internet now, and I’m not stopping there, I am always working on something new.

Also be constantly planning to find new customers and potential customers for you to cross promote your various products to. Keep up to date with the constant changes occurring in your business and in the internet in general.
Essentially, DON’T Rest on your Laurels…

“Keep It Going”
That’s how every successful marketer consistently makes their full time income!
Are you going to try to make it on your own, or would you rather have the facts of what works from someone who’s doing it full time? MentorshipMonthly can provide you all the help you need.
By The Way, Joe is doing great now (that’s why I didn’t want to embarrass him) thankfully he kept in touch with his mentor who kept him on the right path and taught him more success keys to follow.
He’s now quit his job and joined the ranks of the successful full time marketers.
If you knew who Joe really was you probably wouldn’t believe me, he he (but that’s a story reserved for really close friends)
Summing up so far.

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan
  4. Avoid Distractions
  5. Keep It Going
    (Creating new products look after your list and keep building)
    Before you ask, don’t even think of emailing to find out who Joe is. The point was he got himself a good mentor, Are you going to?

Number six of The 7 Key Elements


At some point round about now, you’re going to be wondering where all the time is going to come from for you to control and manage all the things you need to do.

If you’ve started on your plan and are taking action, you will have realized something that will hit you as you start to become more successful.

There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do everything that you’d like to do!

Initially, you will manage, if you’re staying focused and avoiding the distraction, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can accomplish on your own.

You’ll get your systems set up, your product created, your list being built and you’ll find yourself, as do all successful marketers, with an inbox full of payment transactions every day. Trust me, it’s a great thing to wake up to.

There is going to come a day when things may slow down and, like Joe in our last chapter, you’ll realize, or your mentor will tell you, that you need to Keep It Going, just like Joe did!

Again, to a point, you may manage to set up your next system and product, you’ll keep adding to your list and doing your best to look after your customers.

Eventually, as you become a Successful Marketer, it’s going to hit you like a lead balloon dropped from a 7 story balcony!

It will suddenly dawn on you that you can’t possibly give the best service to your customers, while at the same time continue to set up systems and learn everything there is to know about every piece of technology you want to employ, and still keep marketing and building your business!

Just like Every Successful Marketer. You’ll need to consider…


I’m telling you now, because it is one of the Keys that Every Successful Marketer Follows. (Hey the whole reason I’m writing this is because Bomzy outsourced some email copy to me, He wouldn’t be too good a mentor if he left out such an important key)

Bomzy doesn’t give any advice that he hasn’t used himself, everything he teaches is what is working for him and making him a full time income. Just like the income you could be making soon.

You might not want to hear this, but part of being a successful marketer means you’ll become a ‘Business Manager.’

I know some people don’t fancy a title like that very much, but hey, this is your business we’re talking about, and you need to know the Keys that need to be followed!

In another sense I hope it also comes as a relief to you…

After all, you may be sitting and thinking to yourself… “But I haven’t a clue about HTML, or such & such software” or even, “I can handle all the techy stuff but me, create a product?”

Well, the good news is, anything you don’t think you can handle or won’t enjoy doing, can be done for you by someone else who does enjoy it, and is an expert at it! (Hence the relationship Bomzy and I built up, I did the things I was good at, and Bomzy did the managing)

You don’t for one minute think that the presidents of any major corporation you’ve heard of do everything that needs doing in their business all by themselves do you? So why would you worry about the things you may not have time to do?

As a Business Manager, you’ll learn to delegate to others.

As your business brings in the profits, you’ll come across people who all have different skill sets, you’ll also find out about places where you can go to find someone to complete a task for you for very reasonable money…. (Again prime examples are any of my products, I can write, but make graphics? No, and forget about scripts!)

Once you start placing real value on your time, you’ll find that some things are just ‘cheaper’ to get outsourced, leaving you free to spend more time doing what you do best!

That’s one of the great things about being a successful marketer; you can focus on doing what you do best, and let others do the same. It becomes a real ‘win, win’ situation for all parties concerned.

Why would you want to spend 2 – 3 hours designing graphics for example, when you could use that time to earn you a few hundred dollars doing what you’re best at?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay someone else to do the graphics out of the profit you could make with that time, still leaving you some leftover AFTER you’d paid?

That’s why outsourcing is such a big key to every successful marketer, it leaves them free to use the time saved to do what they do best, thereby further improving their business.

There are many places to find good outsourcing, you just need to search around and ask people you trust. A good mentor will help you and point you to some great resources if you have one.

As you’re becoming a successful marketer, you’ll need to employ the keys that will help you along the way; I hope I’ve shown you that outsourcing is definitely something you need to make a note of, along with the previous five keys we’ve already discussed.

Summing up so far..

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan
  4. Avoid Distractions
  5. Keep It Going
  6. Outsourcing

Meaning you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Number Seven of The 7 Key Elements


Here’s a big key that all successful marketers follow.

And you’ll see why it’s a definite ‘Key to Success’ as you read on.

To quote from literature “No Man Is an Island”

The author was speaking of life in general, but it certainly applies to building an online business.

As you follow from key one through the stages and keys required to become successful you’ll realize that although it is possible to ‘do it all by yourself.’

The whole process of building a long term and secure business is made so much simpler with ‘friends’.

As in life, some things can seem daunting at first appearance, yet they are made so much easier if you have the support and help of some good friends.

Quoting again but from a popular song this time, “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends”

I think the easiest way for me to emphasize the value of ‘Networking’ would be to give you some examples of what has been achieved by some of ‘Bomzy’s friends’, and how those friendships were made.

Now you can call them ‘business acquaintances’ or ‘online contacts’ or ‘JV partners’ or what ever other term springs to mind, but at the end of the day we all share a common goal,

To Make Money Online.

If someone helps me in achieving my goals, that puts them into my category of ‘friends’. Likewise, I like to help my friends wherever I can.

This is something that you’ll discover as you develop and grow your own Network of contacts. Naturally, everyone wants to grow their own business, but once you get involved with a network of people, you’ll find yourself helping people even when there is no immediate benefit to yourself, and vice versa.

It’s a great feeling when you get an email from someone you’ve helped, telling you of the success they’re now achieving, trust me, you’ll love it.

So how does it all start and where do you make friends online? There isn’t exactly a local restaurant or drinking establishment to meet up in.

Or is there?

Here’s a few methods employed by every successful marketer that you may want to consider.

  • Your own list.

If you’ve been building your list and ‘looking after them’ as you should have been. That’s a great place to start. Ask them for some feedback; correspond with anyone who does write to you. If you get questions from buyers about your product, go further than a one word answer, and ask them a little about themselves.

You’ll find it’s easy to start really caring about your list when you discover there are real people reading your emails, and they will feel the same and discover you too are a human being.

As relationships develop, try to find out if you can help them in some small way, before you know it you have a friend. When they become more successful they will remember who helped them and you may find they too can be of great help to you.

Even why HeadPaint is under $10 and yet has such rave reviews, well wouldn’t you want a list of people who share your views and have been helped by you? Who’s more likely to do you a favor, a stranger who spent hundreds with you or someone you’ve over delivered to and helped?

  • Your Website

Another way to network and find people who can become your friends, is to make sure you have a webpage on your sites that tells people a little about yourself.

After all, it may help in your sales too; some people prefer to buy from people they feel they know. Also, people reading it may decide you’re the kind of person they’d like to work with at some point, leading to further communication and another relationship developing.

  • Forums

We’ve discussed using forums to help build your business in previous mailings (as well as not getting carried away with time). If you are making useful and helpful posts, people will notice. At the same time you will notice who seems to be willing to help others too.

Side note: I know it’s stating the obvious, but do ensure that where ever allowed, you have some sort of link in your signature where ever you make posts.

  • Social Media

In a similar way to forums, social media can lead you to finding people who could eventually become a part of your network and also a way for them to find you.

With the explosion in popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter you’d be crazy to leave this out of your business.

I have generated tons of new business and have managed to strike new business relationships by simply using social media sites. However, be careful you don’t end up wasting your time on these sites as it’s very easy to do. (Avoid distractions) 

  • Offline Events

Attending offline events can put you in touch with a variety of people with different skill sets who all want to find new friends to help and support each other.

  • Mastermind groups

If you can find any mastermind groups advertised, consider joining one, again, it’s like a mini offline meeting where people will not only share knowledge and skills, but have been known to collaborate on products too.

Moving On.

I’ve mentioned some ways of building your network, it’s not a definitive list, but gives you some ideas. I did say I’d explain why and give some examples,

So let’s have a look at those…

The why, may seem obvious, and I’m sure you’re thinking JV promotions, right?

Naturally that’s a major biggy, but not the only reason for building a ‘network of friends’.

That said, as we’ve mentioned it, let’s take a look at a couple of brief examples of the power of JV’s. I’m not going to talk about any of the big JV’s we see everyday, as I’m sure like many, you’ll probably be thinking, ‘it’s OK for them, it’s like a big boys’ club and they always make a killing!’

Here’s just one example of many from people starting out. No names mentioned, just to give you an idea.

One marketer had taken on board the advice Bomzy gave about creating a product, he did so and as one of Bomzy’s students asked for some advice and opinions.

With a few small additions and alterations it became a quality product of use to many. Naturally as one of Bomzy’s students he had built a relationship with Bomzy, and therefore asked if he would be interested in promoting his product.

As it was a quality product and of use to the people on Bomzy’s list, he didn’t hesitate.

The net result was that through his own promotions he sold around 60 copies and started building a list from it. With Bomzy’s promotion he added another 300 sales and more than quadrupled the growing list and that figure is still rising to this day!

That has now given him a list of buyers to promote products to whenever he wishes, as well as building his online credibility.

That was just one example, Bomzy has done similar things for many of his students some with even better results.

Oh and did you guess?

That example was for one of my very own products

Another example is that I’ve then seen those people go on to form JV’s with other members and cross promote each others products, all the while building their lists and earning an income.

So you see, It’s not something just for the ‘Big Boys’, it a way of becoming one of them.

So why else would you want to build relationships?

The JV aspect is, as said, a big reason in its own right,

but here’s a couple of small but potentially as important reasons.

What if you are really good at designing graphics, but hopeless when it comes to writing copy? Do you think having a network of friends online may come in handy then?

Again, on forums I’ve seen members ‘exchange services’ with each other, which can be very handy when you’re starting out.

Even when you’re proving to be a successful marketer, it’s great to have relationships with experts in fields other than your own, just so that you know when you do outsource, they will be doing a great job for you because they know you would do the same for them if the roles were reversed! Remember we discussed outsourcing last time?

To finish these examples here’s two quick benefits of having a Network of Friends to throw into the pot.

One – if someone asks you who is best to ‘go to’ for xyz, do you tell them to do a google search, Or do you recommend a friend? That works both ways!

Two – What if you hear of a new method that is helping people make more money, be it from traffic generation or SEO or a new type of webpage or script.

Would you go looking to spend your cash on everything that mentions any of these, or ask a friend who is into that field of operations?

Well, hopefully I’ve given you sufficient reasons to show you why every successful marketer networks and develops relationships to make friends online. You’ll want to ensure you do the same.

I’d like to finish key 7 with another quote…

This time it’s not from a movie or a song, it’s by a guy named Zig Ziglar and many people refer to this quote for all sorts of reasons. I believe it’s a perfect fit to our efforts to help you.

“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll Just help enough other people get what they want.”

“You can have anything in the world you want if you’ll Just help enough other people get what they want.”

I thought I’d add this because I think it is rather thought-provoking. An example of what can be achieved if you follow the ‘7 Keys Every Successful Marketer Follows’
Guess what I’m going to use? This very product
Bomzy and I discussed many things in our emails and chats that lead to me learning from him. Which in turn lead to him giving me his keys to follow, It seemed a good idea to share this information, as it would benefit us both and the people we share it with. So we… Made a Plan Then we discussed what would need doing and shared the tasks between us, each taking on what we thought we’d be able to manage and do well, and we Took Action
What followed were more emails back and forth ensuring that the task was getting done, exchanging thoughts and ideas of the best way to achieve our goal and making sure. We Stayed Focused
Now I can’t speak for Bomzy, but I can tell you that while I was writing this up I had to consciously NOT log onto Facebook or my favorite forums, as that would have lead to too many distractions, we had deadlines we both agreed to, so it was imperative that I Avoided Distractions
As for the next key, well I think the fact that you’ve already seen me mention the success I’ve had already that it goes without saying that I’ll be Keeping It Going.
Next comes one of the best examples, do you think I had anything to do with the graphics on this site, the book cover, header or any other bits? Not a chance! I can assure you Bomzy didn’t do them either!
The whole reason I managed to get all this info out of Bomzy stemmed from him hiring me to write a few emails for him. So you see we have both left tasks we chose not to do and got them done through Outsourcing.
Which brings us to the final key, again I refer to this project as a prime example of people coming together to help each other, had Bomzy and I not got to know each other in his forum, grown to trust each other and respect each other, then this product would not be here teaching you the 7 Keys that every successful marketer follows. It was all a direct result of us Networking.

Do remember to give the best you can in all that you do. After all, here you have a prime example.
By over delivering on his help and advice to the people on his sites Bomzy got my attention. He earned my trust and respect, to the point of me not being reluctant to ask for his advice.
As our relationship built I made sure I gave my best to Bomzy when he wanted some email copy writing. That earned me Bomzy’s respect and trust in return.

Through us both ‘Over Delivering’ we formed a relationship to the point where this collaboration was formed. Again Bomzy trusted me enough to put his teachings into my own words, Knowing I would give it my best effort. I’m sure he’ll double check that I covered all his points, but I’m sure you understand the amount of trust it takes to hand over one of your future income streams to someone else.

There you have a prime example of the 7 Keys in action. If you’re reading this, what more proof could you want?

Final Words

So now the ball is in your court, as the saying goes.
You have the 7 Keys, the combination that is required for ultimate success.

The question is, will you use them? I would strongly suggest that if you’ve read thoroughly that you go over every chapter one at a time and make some notes. I won’t repeat myself again, you know each heading by now.

Write down how you’re going to get to where you want to be, and if you feel there are parts that you may need help on, then feel free to get in touch with us.
In addition, it’s a great way to ‘get on our radar’ (as was said at a recent seminar I attended).

These Keys can open the doors to success for you, but they will only work if you use them!
For each section make physical written notes. Seriously, grab some old fashioned paper and a pen and write.

Write down ideas, and then check on their viability, is there a demand? Will it be profitable? What do others think? Find people you trust and bounce your ideas off them, get some opinions.

Once you’ve settled on something start at key one, but don’t put your pad away. Write out your plan and follow that through each stage.

If you intend writing acontent , then outline it on paper. Jot down the chapters and basic ideas, do some research to make sure you’ve included everything you can to give value to the reader.

Take action on making it the best you can. Stay focused etc…
In other words follow each key for every part of the process.
Are you following this now? Listen, this is important and it took me a while to get this out of Bomzy. In some ways I think he forced me to discover it, rather than just telling me.

Success is a combination, not a key.



Summing up again

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Take Action
  3. Staying Focused, stick to your plan
  4. Avoid Distractions
  5. Keep It Going
  6. Outsourcing
  7. Networking

Seeking JV partners, getting to know other marketers, to help each other!

It is our aim to really help people and develop long term relationships with people like you that will benefit us all. (An ideal networking opportunity)

Take note of the quote:


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