How to check your smartphone’s radiation level

To check the radiation level of your smartphone, you must check the SAR value of the device. SAR refers to specific absorption rate, which is the rate at which the human body absorbs electromagnetic radio waves emitted from mobile phones. Find out more

To check the radiation level of one’s smartphone, one needs to check the SAR value of the device. (Image: Unsplash)


There have been numerous studies linking increasing mobile phone use with the prevalence of cancer. However, there is no concrete evidence yet to prove that the two are definitely interlinked. While mobile phones are believed to be carcinogenic because of the radio waves which they emit, they, however, are not said to be strong enough to cause damage to a human’s DNA.


As per the National Cancer Institute, US, mobile phones emit radiation in the radiofrequency region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Second, third, and fourth-generation cell phones (2G, 3G, 4G) emit radiofrequency in the frequency range of 0.7โ€“2.7 GHz. Fifth-generation (5G) cell phones are anticipated to use the frequency spectrum up to 80 GHz.


“These frequencies all fall in the nonionizing range of the spectrum, which is low frequency and low energy. The energy is too low to damage DNA. By contrast, ionizing radiation, which includes x-rays, radon, and cosmic rays, is high frequency and high energy. Energy from ionizing radiation can damage DNA. DNA damage can cause changes to genes that may increase the risk of cancer,” the NCI adds.


To check the radiation level of one’s smartphone, one needs to check the SAR value of the device. SAR refers to the Specific Absorption Rate, which is the rate at which the human body absorbs the electromagnetic radio waves emitted by the mobile phone.


There are seven main ways to check the SAR value of your device. These are listed below.

Check your phone’s box Sometimes the phone’s radiation level is also printed on the phone’s box.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, and ASUS are famous for doing this.

Instructions for use may sometimes contain information regarding the RF exposure values โ€‹โ€‹of your device.

Products certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will have an FCC ID assigned to them.

You’ll usually find it in your phone’s user guide.

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This FCC ID can then be used to check your phone’s radiation levels through the FCC website.

Here’s how: Step 1: Open the FCC website.

Step 2: Enter the first three or five characters of your phone’s FCC ID in the first box.

Step 3: Now enter the remaining characters of the FCC ID in the second box.

The FCC website will provide you with the SAR value of the product associated with the FCC ID.

You can also use the Settings menu on your phone to get relevant information about the SAR value.

Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 3: Click on Legal information.

Step 4: Click on Security Information.

Now scroll down to the information mentioned and find the RF exposure section.

Next, check your phone’s radiation levels.

Step 1: Open Settings and tap General.

Step 2: Click “Legal and regulatory”.

Step 4: Locate the SAR value link and click on it.

This opens the page in a separate web browser, giving you detailed information about your iOS device’s current radiation level.

Sometimes a Google search can help you determine your device’s SAR value.

Make sure to mention specific device details for accurate results.

We hope this article was helpful to you in understanding your device’s SAR value.




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