Google Tools to Help Marketers Succeed

What are Google Tools?

The search engine of Google has become a dominant force in the world of internet. It is really difficult to even think of any website without Google. Similarly, it has become unthinkable to view world without Google. The importance of Google can be judged from the fact that it has crept into every aspect of our daily lives. The phrase of “being Goggles” has become a common expression which is being said and performed by millions of users around the world. Google offers a diverse range of services from productivity applications to instant messaging.

Having such prominent presence, there are people who are still not aware that Google offers some excellent tools free of cost for the users be it generic users, businessman, marketers or webmasters. This develops a thought in majority of the people that why Google is providing so many tools at zero cost? The prime reason for this gesture is it wants to foster a close relationship with the users and wants to build up the Google brand name in the process.

There are numerous tools that are being offered by Google. The tools are divided under various sections that can guide you the nature of all the tools.

1. Must Have Tools: These tools are the basic tools that are provided by Google. They can make the computer activities much easier. They include reader, IGoogle, Picasa, Docs, notebook and desktop.

2. Maps and Travel Tools: These type of tools helps in exploring the locations around the world. It may include Ride Finder, Transit, Mars, Sky and Earth.

3. Web Browsing and Development Tools: These tools are very beneficial for the users especially for Web developers, businesses and students. All these tools aid in creating and using the websites. They include Sketch Up, Checkout and Web accelerator, FeedBurner, Web History, Base, Co-OP, App Engine, Website Optimizer, Browser Sync, Click-to-Call and Page Creator.

4. Social Networking and Communication Tools: These tools have the capability to keep you in touch with your family members, peers, classmates and co-workers. The tools include Orkut, Android, Send to Phone, Shared Stuff, Talk, Dodgeball, Friend Connect, Grand Central and Sites.

5. Custom Search Tools: Through this tool, you have the option to refine or narrow down your search for the material. The tools may include Scholar, Patent Search, Sets, Catalogs, and Search by Number, Accessible Search, Trends, Books Search, News Archive Search and Special Searches.

6. Miscellaneous Google Tools: These are additional tools that can make you do different things in your spare time. The tools that are included in miscellaneous include Google Pack, Gadgets, Pinyin IME, Image Labeler, Code Search, Alerts, Apps, GOOG-411, Google Mobilizer and Gears.

7. Third Party Tools: These tools are associated with the Google’s search technology. However, they can enable you to do wide variety of stuff more easily compared to the existing Google programs. The tools included are Simply Google, Googlematic, Goofresh, Cooking with Google and Babelplex.
Hence, by using the above mentioned tools it will make your research easier along with time management.

How Google Marketing tools are Helpful for Marketers

The search engine of Google has become a very powerful marketing tool for the businesses whether big or small. For small enterprises it has been a blessing because they generally have very limited funds at their disposal. Hence, to use the platform of Google for marketing activities at a very meager rate it is a dream come true for small businesses. I extensively use Google for my business in various ways. Things like articles, e-books, e-courses, blogs and various internet businesses have been hugely associated with these programs. Hence, this chapter will discuss in great length about the home page of the search engine in terms of customization and tool bar.

My business revolves around the Internet; hence my large part of the time is spent in front of my computer. My computer has huge data that is comprised of e-books, music, addresses, pictures, phone numbers, articles, home budget and feeds. As far as my business is concerned it revolves around blogs, websites, my space, social networking sites, articles, five e-mail accounts, opt-in list and newsletter. All these data is helping me generate a substantial amount of money with the help of the search engine of Google.

My daily business routine starts on the computer from my Home page of Google. My Google home page is customized by me and hence it exhibits the bookmarks in the order I want them to open. In regards to feeds, RSS feeds, blog Feeds and other Feeds that I read are there on my home page. I start my work from the Google bar which helps me in earning money.

When starting any business, it is very hard to think that the whole business can be conducted online. There are people whose business initially was brick-n-mortar and now they have transformed them either partially or wholly in brick-n-click. My interest was to be an affiliate marketer where you make commissions on other user’s products. The services for which I haveto sign up involves chat rooms, information sites, traffic exchanges, forums, newsletters, social networking, blogs, auto-responders and various other services. Hence, the Google tool bar provides the option of Auto-fill where it fills your forms for the above mentioned services and saves you a great amount of time and effort.

Furthermore, there is the tool of spell checker on the Google bar which helps you in writing professional contents whether in articles, emails, chat rooms, blog spots, forums and other related platforms. Another vital tool is the Page-rank which, although has been underestimated, is one of promising tool used in marketing online. It monitors your site and the competitors’ sites which enables you to direct your marketing strategies to relevant areas. In addition, it will search out the back links of the competitor’s sites.

Lastly, Google has a vast amount of data from all corners of the world that is current and in great detail. Hence, it provides a perfect marketing arena for the businesses that can apply its marketing tools to their advantage.

Google Marketing Tools

The tools that are being offered by the search engine of Google have been extensively used by the marketers and the media planners. Although the tools are designed for the generic users, they are being considered as ideal tools for the online marketing activities. Any marketer, media planner or webmaster who is involved in promoting their websites or products on the internet can extract huge benefits from the Google marketing tools.

These tools have the tendency to make your marketing tasks much easier and profitable in both short term and long run. They are valuable in nature. Listed below are the important marketing tools of the search engine of Google.

Google Analytics: This tool is considered to be one of the premier tools of marketing that is offered by Google. It is very accommodating to the users especially the webmasters and the marketers. The function of Google Analytics is it gives you a quick glimpse of your website. In other words, it evaluates the traffic on your website, their sources and what activities do they perform on your website. It can also be said that it monitors all the aspects of your website from inserting the contents to the checkout of your page. It plays an important role in increasing the conversion rate and the return on investment. A maximum of three sites can be managed simultaneously through this tool.

Google Sitemaps: With the help of the Google Sitemaps, various webmasters can quickly insert the newly designed pages to their websites through the Google Search Index function. The pages are in the XML format that is instantly uploaded to the website and eventually to Google.

 Google Alerts: The role of the Google Alerts is to inform you about the listing of your website or reveals your name by either person or site. In this way, you have the benefit to monitor all your activities that are being performed on the internet.

Google Froogle: Google has a directory called Froogle that enlists all the economical prices for a wide range of products on the web. It will be very helpful for the marketers to make their products more prominent in the eyes of the users. All they have to do is study how the Froogle functions and you will avail the desired result.

Google Checkout: Although it charges some amount, it is very valuable for users who use Adwords as each dollar spent on Adwords would give them 10 dollars for free.

Google E-blogger: creating a blog on your website would attract additional customers to your website and eventually to your products. It is free to create.

Google Toolbar-Enterprise Version: It is especially designed for the corporate users who may benefits from the database of consumers, financial news and company calendar.

Google Groups: It aids you in making different groups on the site which may include people of the identical views and opinions. It is another way of business networking.

Google AdSense: It gives you a perfect platform to put the AdSense code on your website and receives the payment through cheque on monthly basis. This is another way of monetizing the contents you have placed on your website.

Google Keyword Tools-Website Content Tab

The keyword tool has become an important tool for any search engine. It has been considered as the large component of the internet and online business around the world. This reality can be judged from the fact that on the daily basis, millions of users on the internet search a great deal of topics on the various search engines by typing in keywords and key phrases of their interest.

The search engines are designed in such a way that it lists down the innumerable websites that are related to your keywords or key phrases. Since, technology changes at a rapid pace, hence it varies the list of websites that are now sponsored by the advertisers. The searches and the associated keywords are stored and ranked accordingly.

The search engine of Google is the largest search engine on the internet. The recent record compiled by online security firm Arbor Networks has stated that the search engine has increased its traffic share to 6.4 percent of all internet use. Google provides data in huge quantities for free to all its users that may include both generic users and advertisers. There are multiple keyword tools of the Google search engine from where the data can be accessed. It may include both simple and complex tools. All the tools are mentioned below.

“Google AdWords External Keyword Tool”

This is one of the important tools that is commonly used and is very powerful in nature. It gives you the list in result which comprises of the important searched keywords with single keyword on the top that may be related to a particular web site. If you have set your preferences in the bar, then the result will be tailored according to your preferences. More importantly, it gives you the benefit to search your results for a particular language or country.

Another important keyword tool of the search engine is the Google Trends Keyword Tool which has two versions in the form of “Google Hot Trends” and “Google Trends”. The function of the tool is that it searches for you the hot topics by default. By typing the keyword in the search box, you have the benefit to determine the frequency of the keyword that has been searched in the last years along with the geographical data. If you have a business website, you can easily find out the popularity of the keywords that are associated with your website. Similarly, if you are new to the internet world, it can aid you in discovering the popular topics on the internet which can help you to start your business accordingly.

Apart from this, Google Insight for Search is another important tool. The tool can only be used if you are an account holder of Gmail which is free to sign up. Any search that is complex in nature can be typed through this tool.

Last but not the least, Google Ad Planner, which has been renamed as Double Click Ad Planner, is a tool that searches data on the users of the websites detailing their age, gender, education level and their income level.

Using Google Keyword Effectively

The Google Adwords is an effective tool of the search engine of Google. It is a vital component that has been very beneficial for the businesses whether big or small for the marketing tasks. The function of the Google Adwords keyword tool is to develop wither words or descriptions in order to attract the users to the material you have posted or to make your advertisement campaign stands out among the rest. Hence, to get the tool started, the first task for you is to make a Google account. If you are not interested in creating Google account, then you can try out the other option of using programs’ external URL. Through this you will be in a position to use the Google Keyword tool.

In order to use the tool more effectively and efficiently, there are certain steps that you have to take while using this tool. They are mentioned in the order below.

Step 1: The usage of the tool starts by signing in to the Google account or visiting the Adword’s external URL link. Select the advertisement that you desire then group the entire campaign before visiting the main page.

Step 2: the next step involves going to the Keywords tab which will allow you to select the keyword tool. Then locate the field that states “How would you like to generate keyword ideas? Once the field is selected, your next task is to pick one of the categories that may include “ Descriptive words or phrases”, “Existing Keyword” or “ Website Content” in order to develop a list of keywords.

Step 3: this is the step where you type in a word or a phrase in the search field that is closely related to your product or service and the messages that you want to convey. If the descriptive search option is used, you can enter words like “chocolate ice cream”. The other way may involve entering the entire URL of your website in the keyword search box through which you can develop some knowledge based on the website’s material. Apart from this, you also have the option of utilizing the list of keyword that is shaded and is located on the search page to be able to pick the current keyword.

 Step 4: after you have picked the desired keyword search options in the third step, refine the results that you have obtained. As a result, you will have the benefit to avail the top keywords that are associated to your searched items. Select “Get Keyword Ideas” that will give you the entire list containing interrelated keywords.

 Step 5: Go through the statistics of the keyword search volume on its search page. Then pick the option of “choose columns to display” that will exhibit the competition of advertising related to the keywords. Moreover, you can also inspect the recognition of the past keywords through the option of “Last Month’s Search Volume” and Average Search Volume”.

 Step 6: You have the option of developing the list of Adwords of your own. In addition, you can customize the list by inserting “Match Type” to your keywords.

 Step 7: once the list is ready, choose the option of “open in excel sheet” through which you can save it in (Excel) format. In this way you can determine the number of users who visited your website by clicking “Estimate Search Traffic”.

The Google Search-Based Keyword Tool- SKTool

The Google search-based keyword tool which is also known as SKTool has become an important component for the users that may include content writers, internet marketers, advertiser or market researcher. Whenever any business sets up an online business, it needs to conduct a thorough keyword research. It is very important for the businesses to know which keyword is extensively used by their target market. Many of the businesses conduct keyword research in an abrupt manner. As a result, they use such researched keywords that are useless and the end result is failure. They are not aware of the fact that it is well researched keyword that lays out the foundation for the business to develop their online marketing campaign or business.

This is where the tool of Google Search-based keyword comes into play. The tool has the benefit to give results that are not originated through the general projections but are based on the various searches that people have typed to locate your product.

Majority of the people have this question of “In what ways the search-based keyword tool is distinguishable from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool?” The answer is it is different in three major ways.

 The search-based keyword tool is performed on a narrow scale on the contents of your website. On the contrary, the Adwords Keyword tool performs its task on a much broader level.

 The results obtained through the tool of search-based are in categories. The keywords are in groups. In this way, you are in better position to monitor your advertising campaign.

 The tool is more constrained than the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. This is because the result is not out until the site is in your account of Adwords pay-per-click. This is where the tool of search-based keyword loses its popularity.

The usage of the search-based keyword tool is very simple and straightforward. There are various steps that need to be followed.

 The first and foremost task is to create an Adword Account.

 Secondly, your website has to be related with your Adword account.

 Thirdly, when visiting the search-based keyword page, have to put your website’s URL
and few important keywords on the tool page.

 Once the URL of your site is there on the page, it start its work that involves viewing

your site from every angle, going scan of the site and comparing your keywords with the searched queries.
Hence, the function of the search-based keyword is a huge success in a sense that it bombards innumerable keywords and keyword phrases that one may not think of manually. For instance, one of the marketers has managed to add around 900 keywords to his advertising campaign that increased his sales by 5 percent. At the same time, he witnessed a substantial reduction in the cost per conversion of around 34 percent. Therefore, the keywords that are generated are closely related with searched queries through which the business can develop advertising messages that are in accordance with the prospect’s queries.

Google Insights for Search Tool – Free Market Research at the Press of a Button

The Google insights for search tool has been a revolution for the people who been involved in the marketing activities. The excellent quality of this function is whether the user is working online or offline, he or she is connected to the real time information available on the internet. As a result, it gives a promising opportunity to the users to earn a substantial amount of money for their businesses. This article details out various uses of the Google insights for search tools that are outlined below.

This tool has been around for a while now. The search engine of Google has the history of coming up with all the different tools for the users and Google insights is one of them which has proved very useful and beneficial for the users. The tool enables the user to search various terms which can be compared with each other and over a certain period of time. In addition, while on the search option, the function has made it easy to search by country, products or image. This makes it more flexible for the users to search their items.

There are many businesses that are conducting their businesses online for many years. If they are inclined to extend their product line, they have the option of using the Google Insight that provides various buttons to explore the developments in the segment the business is trying to target. Moreover, if the business desires to enter into the unchartered market, all you need to do is click the drop down menus, put a name of the market or country you want to search and it will list down all the relevant information you want. Furthermore, if there is a case where there are two products that need comparison, you have the choice to make their comparison by the help of compare box. At the same time, you can use the filter option that helps in narrowing down the search option you want.

Apart from the above mentioned uses, Google insight has various tools at its disposal to enable the function of the search engine optimization (SEO). With the support of SEO function, you can search various keywords that can help in optimizing your business website. It will help you in getting to know the keywords that are massively used in various countries. In this way, you will get an idea of how to target a particular country.

Another important use of the Google Insight is it enables you to utilize the noted search spikes that provide the benefit by increasing in keyword use on annual basis. As a result, it helps in diverting substantial traffic to your website. In addition, it will also assist you in verifying the important keywords that are on the rise as well as the unpopular keywords.

All in all, Google Insight is a great tool for the businesses that, with the support of SEO, can add tremendous value to your business.

Google Traffic Estimator

The Google Traffic Estimator has gained importance in recent years. Many users consider Google Adwords their first priority in starting their advertising campaign on their websites. However, the Google Traffic Estimator is not to be underestimated and there are many reasons for it. In this chapter we are going to discuss Google Traffic Estimator and the reason why it is helpful for the marketers. Google Traffic Estimator is a tool that gives you the opportunity to make use of different keywords or keyword phrases in order to determine the expected outcome, keeping in mind, the searches are done for real. You can determine:

 The popularity of the keyword or key phrases you have typed

 The total frequency of the keyword that is clicked on a daily basis.

 The standard cost per click

 The numbers of clicks that could be anticipated per day taking into account the planned

It is an amazing tool for the users whether generic users or the businesses. The important thing is it enables the amateurs to save money that could have been spent on irrelevant areas leading to the reduction in their advertising budget. The significant step that you can take while using this tool is to set a price on what you are willing to pay on each click. In this way, you will know in which position you stand. The Google Estimator will let you know that there is group of users who are willing to pay more than your price and it will also tell you in approximate term the number of times your desired keyword will be clicked on daily basis.

The general rule or the norm is that more the keyword or keyword phrase is popular, the higher you can anticipate paying per click. Hence, in order to compete with popular keywords like “credit card”, it is incumbent on you to refine your keyword like “credit card rewards”. It has been observed that attracting a huge amount of traffic is one aspect but attracting targetedaudience that is highly rated is a completely different prospect altogether. This kind of traffic is willing to pay a higher price per click on your website.

Another way of using the Google Estimator is by experimenting with it. Try to type in more refined keyword or keyword phrases that can be used in your advertisements as well as on your websites. You have the benefit to try out the different phrases in quote marks which will barely cost you. As a result, it will make certain that your website is ranked as high as possible in the search engine of Google. Here, the Google Estimator will give you advantage in two ways:

 You will eventually learn how much money to put up in the advertising budget.

 You will get to know the keyword or key phrases that are highly searched and which can
help you in the optimization of your website in future.

All in all, if you intend to use Google Estimator, it does not require Adwords account. In addition, it helps you in setting up your budget by giving you the approximation of the keywords, their price and the number of times they are or have been searched.

Google Ad Targeting Preview tool

Google Ad Targeting Tool is one of the excellent tools of the search engine of Google. It assists you in determining the right places for the Adwords Ads. At the same time, it helps to keep an eye on the other pay-per-click advertisements targeted towards the niche market.
The Ad Targeting Preview Tool can be traced by two ways. One way is to sign in your Adwords account. The option of the account is in the “Opportunities” tap. The other way is by searching for the “Ad Preview Tool” in Google.

Ad Targeting Preview Tool Function

With the Ad Preview tool, it becomes very easy to find out the positions for the advertisements in the desired country. By exercising this tool, it will not make you feel that results are retrieved by the search engine of Google. Hence, it will decrease the click through rate.

Apart from finding out about your Ad in other countries, it can also aid you in discovering the other pay-per-click Ads in various countries. Since my business revolves around these kinds of programs, I used to verify the PPC Ads of the competitors in both local markets and foreign markets. There are two reasons to monitor the competitor’s PPC. One reason is to know what new activities they are currently in. Secondly, it helps me to learn from them that help me in designing my PPC Ads on the websites.

The PPC Ad has limitation in a sense that for the title it is 25 characters, while for both description lines it is 35 characters. These kinds of PPC Ads are short in nature and would find it difficult to attract clicks. However, when there is chance to get in to new niche market or I am out of innovative ideas, I instantly slip back to Ad Targeting Preview Tool which will let me find out the promising Ads.

The interesting part is I have the flexibility to alter a word or two the PPC Ad in order to determine its click-through-rate (CTR) after the change. This means there are two similar PPC Ads that currently exist on the website. However, it has to be kept in mind that if the PPC Ad that is taken from the Internet is targeted to the entire world market, then there will only be change of a word or two in the copy of my advertisement. On the other hand, if the PPC Ad is targeted to a particular country, then I will use the same copy.

The other good thing of Ad Targeting Preview Tool is it lets you discover the PPC Ads in the form of coordinates. This is a very refined way and is beneficial for huge countries such as China, America and other related countries.

Hence, while using the Ad Preview tool, ensure that you are not using the Google Account. In this way, it gives you more precise result of the PPC Ads.

The Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster tool is the new addition to the search engine of Google. Before its introduction, Google Sitemaps program was the sole tool that used to assist Google to index the entire pages in the Google website. In order to give assurance to the spider that you have followed all the necessary steps for the search engine optimization, you have to get registered under the Google Sitemaps program through its account and by putting forward an XML map.

There are numerous features that are available in the Google Webmaster Tools that can aid you in managing the various facets of the website. However, there are still some old programs that are active under the program such as sitemap submissions and sitemap protocols. There is still a possibility of checking the status of your submission and evaluate report of web page that may reflect errors. The reason for the insertion of new features is to enhance the exposure of your website on the search engine of Google.

According to various credible studies, the endeavor of bringing new features has been considered a success as Google is a popular search engine among the users. Around 80% of the web users are using Google which may increase over time. The search engine of Google has been such a hit that there is phrase which has been attached to it “If you want any information, you Google it”.

Nowadays, the competition on the internet has become fierce. The users find it difficult to go through all the searched pages on the search engines. Hence, your website should make its way into top 10 to 15 websites to avail benefit. This is why the factors of exposure and ranking have become a top priority for every online business.

The tool of Google Webmaster has made it easy to tackle such huge competition. For instance, under this tool, it is easy for you to change your web team and the user would not have the access to your website or make any changes in it. In the old Google search engine, you have to hang around for the periodic updates to make changes in your web team. Now, with the help of “manage site verification”, you can eliminate your website and then click the option of “Re- verify all site owners”. Through this program, you are in better position where you have the complete control and management of your website.

The other tool enables you to conduct diagnostics at summary page index that will surface out all the blockages, such as HTTP errors, unreachable URLS and constraints from robot txt, the Google spider has confronted when it checked your website.

Query stats is the other tool that lets you find out the kind of queries put up by the users and which queries can take you in the top ranking. It helps in monitoring the performance of the website in different places.

Page analysis is another tool which enables you to compare anchor text along with the feedback from other websites in terms of their perception of your website. Getting all this feedback aids you in future marketing strategies.

Hence, the Google Webmaster tools are very beneficial for the businesses if used properly and wisely.

Google Trends

The Google Trends is an important component of the Google search engine. It is basically a research tool that assists you in determining the various statistics on the topics or terms that are related to your website. The function of Google Trends lets you insert the domain name in the address bar from where you are able to retrieve the information related to search, traffic and the number of times the site is visited for different geographical areas for your website. The fact of the matter is Google Trends is operating on the rule of estimation which finds out the total number of visitors that have visited on your or other websites. Similarly, it helps you in determining the most popular keywords that are used by the users. All these stats are then portrayed through the graphical representation. The graph has the option of refine that can narrow down the search by region as well as by time. For instance, the Google Trend scrutinizes various searches that have been placed on the Google search engine in the past hours in order to establish the precise frequency of the topic that has been explored. Moreover, the graph has the capability to reflect trends of various keywords that can be used for the comparison analysis either between sites or between keywords. There is a limit of around 5 trends for search terms that can be explored by putting comma after each trend.

Google Trends are very beneficial for the users especially marketers, product distributers and for the search engine optimization (SEO). As the Google Trends has the option of narrowing down the search from country to city and from city to particular area which will be valuable for all the website stakeholders.

The writing of various articles about your products and services would be very helpful in directing more traffic and eventually endorsing your website. The marketers on the internet can use Google Trends for geo-targeting. It helps to calculate approximate developments in the keywords which will aid in making a list of important keywords for your articles. In addition, on the right side of the graph, there is list of links that detail out the top articles with their related keywords. It will inform you which keyword can make your article stand out.

In the Google Trends tool, it provides the service of Google Hot Trends where the current and well-timed information of the world events is supplied to the users.

Despite the benefits Google Trend provides, it has some downsides. Since it is product renowned around the world, it is only offered in the English language. The other downside of this tool is it only makes available the relative values rather than the specific values. This is because there is change in the statistics on a daily basis and if it is reflected in the graph, the graphical representation will be different for each day. Lastly, there is certain search trends that may turn out to be indefinite because of their similar keywords but they are different in nature like apple fruit and Apple computers.

The Google Trends for Website

The tool of Google Trends for website has been around for quite some time now. The interesting part is there are marketers who although are always updated about the various happenings and developments in the marketing arena on the internet, are not aware of this tool’s presence.

Hence, it can be said that they have missed the opportunity to earn substantial money between now and then. The Google Trends for website is an important component of the search engine Google that allows its users to avail a great deal of information about the various keywords through the Google search bar. For instance, if you are inclined to know about the Nike shoes over the last 5 years, all you have to do is type in “Nike shoes” and the site will give you the trend of the searches for Nike shoes. Apart from the search trend, it can also enable to narrow down your search focus in terms of countries, cities or languages. Hence, any user or business enterprise looking forward to tap unchartered or niche markets and make money out of it, Google Trend is the tool to use.

The Practical use of Google Trends for Website

 If you are a PPC marketer, the Google Trends would assist you in geo-targeting. For instance, my business was catering to the niche market in United Kingdom. By using the Google Trends, I got to know that the niche market in UK is declining while it is gaining momentum in China. Hence, it gave me the chance to create my Adwords for China. As a result, it saved me huge amount of money that could have been spent on the unprofitable segment in future.

 Moreover, it helps you in informing the hot trends around the world. For instance, if you are a regular blogger, you will need information and material that is based on current happenings in order to keep your audience glued to your blog.

 The Google Trends for Website is extensively used with various programs such as Traffic Travis, which can be downloaded for free with Google external keyword tool. Together, the tool is very valuable for the user.

 It is literally used to compare information of both similar and different genres. For instance, if you are eager to know which form of the game table tennis or tennis is famous and in which country, the Google Trends for website will give you the entire information in great detail.

The above mentioned were some of the practical uses that are performed by the modern day users. However, the traffic it calculates is of Google search engine only. It does not take into consideration other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Nevertheless, the search engine of Google has been rated as the top search engine on the internet due to its larger share of the market. This achievement is due to the high powered contents that are diversified, precise and in great depth.

Google Ad Planner

Google Ad planner has proved very beneficial for the online marketers and media planners. The world of today has become more competitive and uncertain and internet is following the same patterns. There are innumerable challenges that creep in when making an advertising campaign for the websites and ensuring it attracts the targeted audience on the internet. It is to be kept in mind that there are hundreds and thousands of sites on the internet that are competing with each other. Hence, it becomes incumbent on the marketer to choose the correct website for the Ad campaign in order to reach the desired audience.

Hence, in order to determine the relevant website, the Google Ad planner is used. It enables you to surface the relevant local websites that would assist the business in targeting the desired audience. The option of Google Ad planner is beneficial in two aspects. One aspect is it enables you to get the positive feedback for the Ad campaign you have put up on the website. Secondly, it prevents you from wasting money on irrelevant websites.

The role of the media plan is to give you the right combination of the media that you can use , moreover it also give its reach and the amount of budget it will involve in order to give you the perfect platform for your Ad campaign. The Google Ad planner takes on board both the advertisers and the publishers. By using the Ad planner, you get to explore various demographic elements such as age, gender, ethnicity, background and locations along with the useful websites that have relevance with your desired audiences. It will inform you about the sites that are regularly visited by your target audience. If you are interested in the whole picture of these websites, you can easily add these websites in your media plan that can give you various insightful statistics about these potential websites.

The data that is available on the Google Ad planner is extracted from Google Search, Feed burner, Adwords, AdSense, Google Analytics, Toolbar, Blogger, I Google, Maps, Gmail and Orkut. The sites that are incorporated in Ad planner are required to meet a certain minimum percentage of the traffic criteria along with other important guidelines.

There have been some upgrades to Ad planner in recent years that enables the users to have more incisive details about their desired audience. For instance, the option of sub-domain is installed that assists the media planners in narrowing down the information and statistics on the different combination of media, its reach and the finance it will incur. The other upgrade relates to the insertion of information that details out the various Ad placements. In this section, the advertiser gets to know the areas that are available for advertisements such as right/left column, under/over heading and various others places. With this, you can avail the option of interactive graph that reflects the sites with the most penetration. Lastly, the Google Ad planner can be utilized to make use of the Google Analytics that includes stats on page views, average time spent on a specific website, total visits and other related data pints.

Google AdWords Campaign Reports

The business whether operating physically or on the internet has a management structure in place. It includes the top management and the lower management. The top management of any business demands reports of the activities taking place in the business. The executives in the top management rely on the reports made by the employees. It helps them to see at glance the status of the business from which the top management makes strategic decisions for future. Similarly, for businesses that are conducted online, there is an Adwords campaign report which includes reports based on different factors. They consist of Ad performance, Ad Group Performance, Demographic Performance, Geographic Performance, Search Query Performance, Keyword Performance and Reach and Frequency Performance.

Apart from the above-mentioned reports, there are other reports that have gained importance in recent years and are widely used by the online enterprises. They are outlined below.

1) PlacementPerformance
This report is one of my preferred reports. It comprises of the account running advertisements on the content network. These types of advertisements are mostly of B2B nature or the company not focusing on the teenagers. The role of the placement performance Adwords report is to extract the vital information on the performance of the partners on the content network. It is widely observed that the usage of the report is excellent when there is conversion tracking set in motion on the Adwords tool. There are some steps involved in the placement performance report.

 Make sure that the report is in use for the last three months or more. If the conversion tracking is not in place, it is necessary to confirm the source of the impressions you are receiving.

 Classify the various columns for impressions in order to start with column that possesses the most impressions. Identify the top results and check out the ones that are transforming into clicks. It will come to your attention that it is the domains that is increasing the impressions rate and not the click option.

 The next step is to identify the domains that are not transforming into clicks and make a list of them. In this way, you can reflect these domains as negative site matches in the campaign you are running.

 Try to make sure that report is conducted once every month. Running the report every week would be futile task as it will not have enough data to support your action.

2) ImpressionShare
This is the other important report that is used online. Through this report, you will be able to determine the amount of traffic that has diverted due to various bids. This report is known as the Campaign or Account Performance report. It only reports those elements that are on the decline.

3) URLPerformance
This is considered to be the final report under the Adwords report. It is used in particular situations. It tracks down the keywords, which have their own URLs, by assessing their performance at the back end of the system.

Google Suggest Tool

The function of Google suggests tool is widely used by the people on the internet. Its importance can be judged from the fact that it is compared with the toothpaste product. Many people uses toothpaste on a daily basis but fail to realize the amount of benefit it gives to them. Similarly, there is a great deal of users that may include both consumers and marketers who are the daily users of the Google suggest tool are not aware about the benefits they receive by using this tool. Therefore, it has become a necessity to make the people aware that there are several benefits outlined below that add value to your businesses whether big or small.

 The first and foremost benefit of the Google Suggest tool is it makes available the information related to any market live for free. Users can extract the information on the spot that proves very helpful in their dealings and decision-making process. The Google Suggest tool is regularly updated by the Google search engine. In addition, the information is updated by taking into account the keywords that have been put by the users in the search box. In this way, Google ensures that users receive updated material on their interested topics in future.

 The second benefit of the tool is that it makes available huge amount of information for the user to choose from. In this way, it gives the user the benefit to go through other available material that can leads to the generation of many other alternatives for the business. The information that is being searched can be related to products and services or the emerging and potential markets for the business.

 The Google suggest tool assists your business in exploring various local markets that were not discovered before. For instance, if you own the business of cosmetics and is in search of untapped markets, by using the Google search tool, you will be surprised to find out areas in your home country that are promising and yet to be exploited. Hence, it saves the huge cost for the business to move out of the home country and search for untapped markets.

 The information that can be extracted from the Google Search tool is diversified and in enormous quantity. For instance, if you are a blogger, you can take the advantage of writing on issues and topics that are not discussed in detail. The information is wide and deep on the internet.

 It has been estimated by the experts that, at present, the information that has been searched through the Google Search tool accounts to only 25% of the searches on Google. It means there is about 75% of the information that is unsearched which provides the perfect opportunity to get the head start on such information.

 The Suggest tool will be beneficial for the business in getting to know the status of the competition in each area by highlighting them in green figures appearing to the right side of the page. This will educate you on the amount of competing pages of the area you are investigating.

Google Advanced Search

Everyone is familiar with Google search however majority of individuals only type some words into search box and subsequent to that they search through page after page of results. There is much more than this simple “Brute Force” keyword search that is offered by Google, for those who are willing to learn how to use extremely easy tool of Google known as Google Advanced Search this chapter will guide you out in a simple manner.

There is no any programming expertise needed. However you may need to remember a chain of individual commands in your likes. Or else if you want to keep things easy and simple you may use Google Advanced Search to obtain access to Vast Storehouse of Information of Google.

You must have discovered a huge wealth of free tools to facilitate you inside Google either you are seeking for general information or conducting a research for your search engine optimization tactic. You can click on the option of Advanced Search option given on the right hand side of the Google search page or you can write in the URL box. You will come across several options there however very often you will find just one of few of them jointly.

Options In sequence

1- You can search files by date or within previous 3, 6, or 12 months.

2- You are able to restrict your search to the title of website, the URL, the text body or the
links or you are able to look anywhere on the page. This is an extremely worthy option for doing search engine optimization strategy, keyword research on your competitor as you are able to analyze where the top most ranking websites are using their keywords more effectually.

3- You are able to restrict the searches to the kind of usage and sharing rights.

4- Information resource option is facility provided by Google Advanced search through
which you are able to restrict your search to very specific sources these are given below:

i- Google Books
ii- Google Public Source Program Code.
iii- Google scholarly research papers
iv- Google news, (current and archived)
v- Mac search
vi- BSD Unix
vii- Linux
viii- Microsoft
ix- US Government

5- For majority of search engine optimization strategy you will come across that the keyword is in the title of the webpage, leaving the most powerful impact on search engine position, after that link text and the body text keywords.

6- The fundamental Boolean AND, OR type options let for either/ or phrases. The default Google search is AND. Frequently many languages are added by Google. There is a pull- down for choices of language.

7- Another option is the type of file to search. You are given option to narrow down your search for specific type of file like adobe files or Microsoft Office documents.

8- Numeric criteria are used like items of some specific range of prices.

9- In page specific Box, you can limit your search to pages that are alike to a given page or
ones that link to a specific page.

10- You can make your search engine particular to a specific website domain name.

11- Secure search results in removing junk results.

Google Analytics

Google now has introduced a newly integrated service particularly for websites that have done search engine optimization and are concerned with the performance of their website and wants to keep track of their website’s SEO performance.

This amazing service of Google is Called Google Analytics. It is a strong service that maintains a record of performance of your website success or organic or paid search results. With Google Analytics you are provided with better understanding on how the visitor of websites reacts on your website. You are provided with detailed experience of your website visitors.

Google analytic was previously known as Urchin Visitor Tracking by Google. But on November 16 2005 Google renamed its service to Google analytics. It can be used without any charges and those who have signed up during its early time are provided with an entirely new set of important and consequential data regarding their websites visitors.

Through Google Analytics you will get to know the keywords frequently used by people in relation to your website to visit. You will be taught on the most excellent link text that raises higher potential visitors.

By name it is apparent that Google analytics provides you analytical data that facilitates you greatly to know about your web site visitors and target visitors preferences. It provides you free information regarding the way visitors interact with your website. With the help of Google analytic you will realize that how you should use Google analytic particularly when you do not have any kind of visitor tracking system.

Google analytics provides you with the SEO campaign that you carried out and provided you best return on investment. Since Google analytic is good in tracking down the outcomes of your online marketing campaigns.

Google Adword of Google is a strong service for putting your website in search result on the basis of certain keywords relevant to your website and Google Adword makes notice of your major website’s keywords and effectually assures that your website is placed in search engine results.

Google Analytics works with codes of tracking that will assure to maintain the track record of important user’s information for you. It uses codes in the place of URL that helps the tracking mission of the website visitors by Google analytics.

Google Analytics carries out visitor segmentation activity. It categorizes new and previous website users with their regional information and the referral source used by them. This gives you an invaluable insight if you are planning on a setting up a new online business.

Google analytics conduct visitor segmentation. It classifies new and returning web site users, their geographical information and the referral source they use. This provides you with invaluable insight if you are planning on setting up a new online business.

Google analytics is still in the development phase as there are still some major developments under process. Two major features that a marketer require while using search engine analytics are still not commercially launched by Google. These are the tracing of activities performed by a user. Another feature is regarding the tracing and categorization of fraudulent activities that are performed online. Cyber crime concerned have raised a lot in the recent times and when Google will be able to provide the analytics regarding fraudulent activities, this would help users to analyze if the website is worth visiting and would it would help webmasters to determine if the user is real or fake.

Increase Your Conversion Numbers With Google Analytics

You can categorize your visitors to understand the behavior of users on your website. Being familiar with your visitors it will assist you to device better and more informed decisions and eventually will result in a better site for your website visitors.

Tagging and tracking can be a significant way to place your visitors into different segments. There are several ways that you can segment, track and tag the site visitors that are not very obvious. Some of which are given as follows:

1- Tracking downloads and Off Site Links:
At times you require tracking things in addition to the pages on your website. The track pageview variable can actually include any directory or definition that you select. You can track PDF downloads by claiming they are in PDF directory so it is easy to search for in Google analytics.
Remember that you may use this onclick call to trace more than just PDF downloads. In case you desire to track the number of clicks to an external links then also you can use this feature. Similar to this you can track any sort of document consisting of videos you just need to add this onclick JavaScript to the link to the file of video of your choice and it is now available in Google analytics.

2- Segmenting Audience
If you want to put your visitors in different categories/segments in order to get better understanding of them according to their behavior and to know what particular type of audience visits your site, then this variable can be very useful. You may take this variable as input in the middle of your analytics code. However you can also include file by making it part of your template and then you would have to make a special page for each landing page.With the code of link, you just send your audience to a page. For instance, when anyone accesses that page will be placed in segmented audience.

3- Tagging links to know what media delivered them:
There are some custom variables also available that you are able to set on your links to give an additional tracking abilities in Google Analytics. Return on investment has developed a great destination URL builder that will facilitate you rapidly turn your URL into a completely tagged and ready to go URL through which you will be provided more meaning about your Visitors in Google Analytics.
Hence the above three ways available will make your data analytics more worthy for you.

A Strong Internet Marketing Tool-Google

Everyone uses Google continuously all the time for searching and for many other matters. Many individuals use Google to earn money online in several ways. This concluding chapter however will guide you about another important feature relating to customizable home page of Google, its Tool bar and search engine.

For an online businessman the only center of attention is the computer. Their computer is very important to them. They have stored data consisting of addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, budget, articles, bookmarks and feeds while running their business. They use Google for help in making their computer organized into extra money making instrument.

These businessmen start their work day with their computer. The Google customized home page displays all the bookmarks and all the RSS feeds, blog feeds and most accessed feeds are available there. The businessmen having an online business are facilitated by Google in several ways with several services offered by Google. Google Toolbar is the one which lends a hand efficiently.

In the start of internet marketing career, it was a huge task to make a place for your selves in the world of online based homes businesses. Few businessmen consisting of a brick-n-mortar business model desired to market on internet, whereas many of the other individuals desired seeking the job of an affiliate marketers, who makes money on the products of others. However both the business models take signing up to a number of various services. You must have visited many information site, social networking websites, traffic exchanges, chat room and forums, auto responders, blogs and many more things on the daily basis and for that you must have typed in address of the website several times which seems to be time consuming, but now with Google tool bar consisting of Auto fill your lot of precious time will be saved as it fills in the form and save effort. Another amazing thing about this toolbar is Spell check; it makes you look more professional as on internet you need to express yourself majorly in written words through email, blogs posts or by commenting, chat room and forum entries and articles and so on.

Another specialty of Google tool bar is the Pagerank. The significance of Pagerank cannot be ignored. Through Pagerank you are able to keep check of your website and your competitors, the way the Google ranked you and let you to plan and twist your search engine optimization tactics. Although it is little bit difficult to get the rank 1 on Google however it is so much fun to do. This facility of Google tool bar will also find your back links as well as your competitor’s back links which is significant.
After page rank we cannot forget the search engine facility of Google. You can discover anything you want to know with just a click. You can discover free or economical advertising courses on HTML or XML you can find the RSS feed you need to begin with.

You can discover free content for your websites and blogs plus entire directories of ezine and article sites one would ever need. Moreover you are able to search material that you have saved in your computer hard disk with the help of a keyword. Thanks to Google. Google has solved all the problems of online searching and conducting business on internet. Thus in short Google have changed the world of marketing by making it more easy and simple.

Prosper Dougoli

Prosper Dougoli, also known as a Bomzydget, is a young Ghanaian tech content creator with extensive experience in Internet blogging.

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