Drake’s label OVO has released an NFL-licensed gear collection.

With the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles only two weeks away, anything NFL-related is guaranteed to be a success, especially clothes in fans’ favorite team’s colors and crests. Even better if the clothing brand is supported by a celebrity.


Drake and his OVO brand collaborate with the NFL.
Drake, one of the most famous artists of the previous decade, has his own clothing line company called OVO (October’s Very Own), and in collaboration with the NFL announced that he would be launching a full range inspired by the league’s teams on Friday, February 3.

OVO revealed its new collection on social media, using rapper Lil Wayne as a model in many styles that will undoubtedly pique the interest of fans.

Wayne is seen wearing Green Bay Packers models in some of the photographs uploaded on OVO’s Instagram account.

Fans comment on Drake’s clothes line
When the news emerged, fans and the NFL world reacted quickly. “You’re probably asking ‘who is this for,’ and I’m sad to inform you that the answer is me,” said Ben Axelrod, digital editor of WKYC and Cleveland Browns fan.

“This is either going to be a huge flameout or pure crap,” wrote Greg Williams of Game On Wisconsin.

“Copped,” another admirer remarked, hoping the collection looks okay. “Oh my goodness, the NFL is finally modernizing its gear. I really needed the jacket yesterday “One more has been added.

In addition to sweatshirts and jackets, the NFL and OVO partnership will offer limited edition T-shirts. Beginning Friday, February 3, the collection will be available for purchase at OVO shops, NFLShop.com, and octobersveryown.com.



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