At the 2023 Grammy Awards, Adele joins Beyonce and Jay-Z for a celebrity toast as diva champions at the glamorous celebration.

At the 2023 Grammy Awards on Sunday, Adele had a star-studded toast with Beyonce and Jay-Z as the musicians celebrated a triumphant evening.

The 34-year-old British singer, who was honored for Easy On Me’s Best Pop Vocal Solo Performance, appeared to be having a fantastic time as she raised a glass to Queen Bey, 41, who has now won a record-breaking 32 trophies, and Jay-Z, 53.

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The party, who also included Rich Paul, Adele’s boyfriend, toasted a successful evening while sipping Jay’s Ace of Spades champagne.

Beyonce shed tears as she honored her husband, kids, and late homosexual uncle at the 65th Grammy Awards, where she set the record for most wins ever with 32. She had arrived fashionably late.

The A-lister had missed her earlier victories and even the star-studded red carpet, but she was present for the historic occasion when she received her 32nd gold gramophone trophy at the gala event held at the Crypto.com Center in Los Angeles, California.

She struggled to hold back her emotions as she spoke the words “thank you very much” to her loved ones. I’m making an effort not to get worked up. And this evening, I’m attempting to just receive. I’d like to thank God for keeping me safe. God, I thank you. I want to express my gratitude to my absent uncle Jonny. Yet he is present in spirit.

She gave a speech while wearing a sparkling silver dress and continued to look stunning. She said, “I’d want to thank my parents, my father and my mother, for loving me and pushing me.” I want to thank my lovely spouse and my lovely three children who are at home and are watching.

“I want to express my gratitude to the gay community for its support. Moreover, for developing this genre. God’s blessings on you I’m really grateful for the Grammys. I’m grateful.

Trevor Noah, the three-time host of the Grammy Awards, gave Adele the surprise of a lifetime.

The South African-born comedian, 38, made a long delayed introduction to the singer while amusing the audience with his opening monologue.

“Dwayne Johnson is the person Adele has always wanted to meet.”

I discovered he’s a tremendous admirer of yours, too,” he informed the singer of the popular song Hello, who exclaimed in delight.

Although Noah made light of the fact that Dwayne Johnson wasn’t “here tonight,” he did have “someone named The Rock” with him, the famed performer was informed.

Adele instantly rose up and accepted a hearty hug from the 50-year-old former professional wrestler-turned-actor after gripping her boyfriend Rich Paul’s shoulder in astonishment.

She was grinning from ear to ear as they continued by kissing one other on the cheeks to greet one another.

The incident happened after she choose not to walk the red carpet, and it quickly went viral on social media.

As they laughed together in front of the crowd, Noah made a joke about how they needed to get to know each other in order to keep the performance going.

Adele has said that she “would genuinely cry” if she truly met The Rock.

‘I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger,’ she told Nikkie de Jager in December 2021.

After he sent flowers to one of her concerts, she confessed she ‘literally fell off’ her chair.

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