How to extend the life of your cell phone battery 

Avoid extreme temperatures, charge smart, use power saving modes, and update software to help your phone last longer and perform better. In addition, you can monitor your battery health for problems, disable unnecessary connection options, and use a power bank to avoid completely draining your battery.


Many of us rely on our mobile phones to work, relax, and stay in touch with our loved ones. Therefore, we recommend doing everything you can to avoid premature battery drain. Here are some tips and tricks for slowing wear and keeping them in good condition.

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Avoid extreme temperatures

Cell phone batteries are sensitive to heat and cold. Therefore, exposure to high or low temperatures can shorten its lifespan or prematurely degrade it. Avoid both scenarios if you want longer battery life. According to Apple, an iPhone or iPad can be safely stored at temperatures between -20 to 45 degrees Celsius (-4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). A similar temperature range applies to Android devices.


Charge smart

No need to wait for your phone’s battery to drop to zero to start charging or reach 100% to stop charging. Charge as often as you need. This is because each battery has a limited number of charge cycles, after which the performance degrades or stops charging completely.

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Frequent deep-discharging, over-charging, and under-charging can affect the charging cycle and should be avoided. You can also extend your battery life with features like Optimized Charging, Adaptive Charging, and Optimized Battery Charging.


Update software

Always make sure you’re using the latest version of your phone’s software, whether it’s Android or iOS. In addition to new features and security improvements, software updates often include tweaks to get the most out of your phone’s components. Therefore, without installing the update, you may not be able to take advantage of features and improvements that extend battery life.


Use the battery status app

Battery health app is very helpful to determine the health of your phone’s battery. Learn about maximum capacity, peak performance levels, and overall health. This information can help you change your battery usage patterns to extend battery life and understand why your phone is draining faster with each charge. While Apple has built iPhone battery health features into iOS, Android users can install third-party apps such as AccuBattery. However, some of his Android smartphone makers, such as Samsung, have built-in battery health tools.


Use battery saver mode

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There are some trade-offs in using power saving mode or low power mode, but this mode works best for reducing the overall power consumption of the phone.


This not only increases the backup time on a single charge, but also helps in the long run. Nearly all phones will prompt you to turn on one of these modes when your battery life reaches 20%. You can also enable it at any time to benefit from energy-saving measures.

Use mobile battery

If you anticipate leaving your phone unplugged for long periods of time, using a power bank can help prevent your phone from completely draining.


Avoid deep discharge if possible, as it will adversely affect service life. Of course, you can also charge your phone when you need it. Here are some good mobile battery recommendations.


Calibrate the battery

The phone uses a combination of circuitry and software to report battery status. After using your phone for an extended period of time, the actual battery health and reported battery health may differ.

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Usually this can be fixed with a simple calibration. To calibrate your battery, Google suggests draining your battery below 10% and then charging it to 100%. This can be easily achieved by charging overnight. Calibration allows your phone to more accurately report what it’s like when your battery is completely full and almost dead.


Optimize phone settings to reduce battery usage

In addition to all the tips mentioned so far, we recommend choosing phone settings that don’t drain the battery too quickly so you don’t have to charge your phone every night or twice a day. For example, you can:

You don’t have to follow all our suggestions to get the benefits. So start with changes that have minimal impact on your phone’s daily use and go from there.

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Replace battery if necessary

Despite your best efforts to extend battery life, batteries still wear out and need to be replaced. Depending on your mobile phone, you may receive a notification to that effect. Or you can know you need a spare battery if your battery runs out faster than usual or shuts down unexpectedly. In extreme cases, your phone’s battery can swell and leak, so no notification is required. If you see any of these signs, you should contact your cell phone manufacturer to have your battery replaced. Also, it’s best to use official batteries instead of third-party options. If your phone is too old and too slow, you might consider upgrading. Our top recommended iPhone and Android smartphones can help you solve it.

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