5 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Driving An Automatic Transmission Car. 

Driving a car comes with a lot of responsibility, but avoiding certain mistakes can prevent damage to your car and costly repairs.

To protect your car and your wallet, here are five mistakes to avoid while driving.

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1. Glide the vehicle down a hill in neutral mode.

A common mistake in vehicles with automatic transmissions is idling on hills. This cuts off the oil supply to the gearbox, resulting in poor lubrication and significant wear. Avoid this practice to avoid serious damage to the transmission.


2. Raise engine speed before engaging gear.

For owners of automatic vehicles, revving the engine before engaging a gear creates a shock in the transmission and increases friction between internal components. Engine parts can be damaged. Practice smoother gear changes to keep your engine healthy.


3. Changing gears when the car is in motion (while it’s moving):

Changing gears while driving can quickly wear out transmission components. Instead, use the brakes to bring the vehicle to a complete stop before changing gears. Shifting into park without applying the brakes can damage the transmission.


4. Keep idling at red lights:

Some drivers put their vehicle in neutral at red lights to save fuel and protect the powertrain. However, even minimal fuel savings are not worth the potential damage. Instead, leave the transmission in drive mode and apply the brakes to stop the vehicle.


5. Switch to parking mode before the vehicle comes to a complete stop:

Never enter park mode unless the vehicle is completely stopped. Activating park mode inserts a locking pin into a gear attached to the output shaft of the transmission. Shifting into park while driving can break the lock pin and damage the transmission.

Be aware that these errors can lead to expensive repair bills and damage to your vehicle. Avoiding these can extend the life of your vehicle, reduce repair costs, and ensure a safer driving experience.

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Most automatic transmission vehicles allow you to switch from Drive (D) mode to Sport (S) mode while driving, but always refer to your vehicle’s specific manual for guidelines and recommendations.

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