Biography of young arising blogger bobbytheblogger

Bobby Amoah, also known as Bobby The Blogger, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance writer, Digital Marketer, content producer and promoter, as well as a videographer, YouTuber, social media influencer, graphic designer, and reporter. SKBTRENDZ MEDIA COMPANY LTD and AfricaCNN.com, an entertainment website and blog that focuses on Ghanaian celebrities and other pertinent general news, were launched by him.42448FAD FD58 4C1D A58E 9D0B6E52D807

The History of CNNAfrica

In order to expand the news publication center’s branches and reach more people in Africa, Bobby The Blogger changed the name of his website to AfricaCNN in February 2020. He then joined HypelordsGH.com as a Content Editor.


Today, many people know that Bobby The Blogger’s esteemed website is AfricaCNN.

Today, the blog has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the distribution of entertainment and sports stories throughout Africa, not just in Ghana.


He quickly accepted a position as a content writer with Ghanatabloid Media Limited, a Genesis News subsidiary, with plans to launch in 2022 to support the business’ expansion.


Several worldwide celebrities, including Emmaline Datey, Broda Harrison, Kwame Vybz, Quophy Success, Jayana, Abiana, Cupas Studios, Smokeybeatzgh, Twinsdntbeg, and many more, have agreed to interviews and meetings with Bobby The Blogger thanks to his reputation.

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Young Bobby The Blogger started a multimedia company while still a high school student.

One of the tech firms looked into Bobby The Blogger further and found that he provides excellent work and services. Bobby is a kind, polite, trustworthy, and well-known figure on social media.

As a digital marketer, Bobby has helped many artists promote their music so they can make money off of it without losing any money.


While his social media marketing promotes movies, companies, boosting, monetization, page growth, and other things on social media, Bobby The Blogger uses digital marketing to promote artists’ work on various digital platforms like YouTube (views, subscribers, and monetization), Audiomack, iTunes, Boomplay, Spotify, Nepster, SoundCloud, YouTube music, and so forth,while his social media marketing promotes movies, businesses, boosting, monetization, page growth, and so on. Bobby The Blogger’s work is not just centered in Ghana, but has also reached Nigeria, Canada, the United States of America, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

He has also received several accolades as a blogger of the year from various locations in Ghana.





Prosper Dougoli

Prosper Dougoli, also known as a Bomzydget, is a young Ghanaian tech content creator with extensive experience in Internet blogging.

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